Jimmy Kimmel Boycott Reaches Nearly 30,000 Signers

An online pledge to boycott the Jimmy Kimmel show in response to his attacks on First Lady Melania Trump has reached nearly 30,000 petition signers. The petition can be found by clicking this link.

The segment that led towards the boycott shows Kimmel insulting Melania Trump, attempting to claim that she had nothing  to do with the “Easter Egg Roll” that she organized in front of the White House. While First Ladies have historically organized the event since the 1800’s, he felt that Melania was too busy building an “escape tunnel.”

Kimmel also mocked Melania’s accent, laughing hysterically as she was reading a children’s book. He did this while neglecting to mention that while English is not her first language, she is fluent in five different languages.

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The goal of the petition is to reach 50,000 petitions. Those petitions will be delivered to Disney/ABC Studios in Burbank, CA.


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