Joe Biden Claims Donald Trump Will Try to Suspend 2020 Election

Joe Biden claimed that President Trump is going to try to “kick back” the 2020 presidential election in November during an online fundraiser Thursday. Biden provided no insight as to how Trump would supposedly cancel or postpone the presidential election, which is required by federal and constitutional law.

Mark my words I think he is gonna try to kick back the election somehow, come up with some rationale why it can’t be held,” said Biden at the virtual event. He went on to claim that Trump “is already trying to undermine the election with false claims of voter fraud and threatening to block essential COVID assistance if any extra funds go to U.S. Postal Service.”

President Trump has dispelled rumors that he’s going to allow the Postal Service to fail, explaining that he merely wants the utility to charge behemoth companies such as Amazon appropriate prices for delivering their packages.

A presidential election has never been suspended in the history of the United States, with even the 1864 election held in the midst of the Civil War occurring as planned. Changing the date of the election at a federal level would preclude repealing the 1845 Presidential Election Day Act, which would require the cooperation of Congress.

Donald Trump campaign official Tim Murtaugh called out Biden’s far-fetched theories on Trump suspending the Presidential election as “incoherent, conspiracy theory ramblings.”

Biden has struggled to explain himself clearly during a series of public livestreams, and it’s not entirely impossible his unprecedented claim about Trump usurping democracy is just the latest in a series of bizarre political gaffes.

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