Joe Biden Forgets What Office He’s Running For in South Carolina

Joe Biden appeared to momentarily forget that he’s currently running for President when speaking at an event in South Carolina, stating that he was running for the Senate.

My name is Joe Biden, I’m a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate.

Biden’s slip of the tongue is the latest of several gaffes throughout his campaign that have left spectators questioning his mental acuity. Biden has displayed forgetfulness at times, even to the point of forgetting what state he’s currently campaigning in. Biden asked what wasn’t to like about Vermont earlier in the campaign, when he was actually campaigning in New Hampshire.

Even for longtime political opponents of the former Vice President, it’s somewhat sad to see Biden competing for the presidency when it seems likely he’s not as mentally sharp as he once was. Yet the American public deserves an honest assessment of his capacities, considering the rigors of the presidency are far more than anything a candidate could possibly face on the campaign trail.

Biden would be oldest President to be sworn in on inauguration day if he won the election. He’s currently 77.

Biden faces a critical primary firewall in the upcoming South Carolina primary. After a string of poor performances in the first primary and caucus states, the former Democratic frontrunner may be left with no choice but to drop out if he can’t secure a victory in the first southern state of the primary.

The Biden campaign is turning its guns on frontrunner Bernie Sanders, targeting the Vermont socialist’s tenuous relationship with former President Barack Obama in a new ad campaign.

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