Joe Biden Promises Citizenship for 11 Million Illegal Aliens in Third Presidential Debate

Joe Biden pledged to provide a path to citizenship for at least 11 million illegal aliens during the third presidential debate, making the sizable promise during a debate segment on immigration.

Within 100 days, I’m going to send to the United States Congress a pathway to citizenship for over 11 million undocumented people,

This would be the largest immigration amnesty, and would fundamentally alter the nature of American citizenship. Deputized illegal aliens would likely permanently change the electoral makeup of American states such as Arizona, Texas, Nevada, and Florida.

The questions on immigration were mostly phrased around immigration detention practices, and Biden’s reference to mass amnesty- easily the most consequential immigration policy statement any of the candidates has made- was mostly passed over.

Biden has also pledged only to deport illegal aliens convicted of a felony. This would create a de facto system of open borders in the United States, in which tens of millions of aliens would likely enter the country without any fear of repercussion from the neutered immigration enforcement system.

Joe Biden is easily the most far leftist major presidential candidate on immigration ever to run for the office. He’s beholden to fringe corporate and left-wing interests on the issue, who oppose any and all immigration enforcement action as “fascist.” The crucial issue of immigration has largely been sidelined from the presidential election process, so you wouldn’t necessarily know it.


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