Joe Biden To Meet With Male TikToker Who Thinks He’s A Girl To Discuss Trans Issues, ‘Womenhood’

The White House has just invited trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney to speak with Joe Biden. 

The two are expected to talk about trans issues and what “womanhood” means. Which is rich considering Mulvaney is a biological man who merely portrays a female on TikTok. 

Mulvaney, who is internet famous for documenting his transition into a woman, has been routinely slammed by critics for representing females in a seemingly mocking fashion.

For example, people are calling for boycotts of the makeup supply chain Ulta Beauty after a recent company podcast episode where Mulvaney and another biologically male co-host discussed “girlhood” and motherhood.

Calling the whole spectacle #womanface, a coined phrase similar to “black face,” people on the internet are accusing Mulvaney, Lopez, and Ulta Beauty of appropriating womanhood because both hosts are biological men.

“I can find love, I know I can still be a performer, I know I can have a family — I wanna be a mom one day, and I absolutely can,” Mulvaney asserted in the episode promoted by Ulta.

“And that’s why the narrative still has a long way to go, because, when I was grieving ‘Boy Dylan,’ I didn’t even know those things were accessible to me,” he added. “There’s much shame, so much stigma. I had this idea of trans-people and it was weird because I knew I was trans yet had transphobia of myself.”

Now it appears the White House is siding with the big corporations with this upcoming meeting. Confirming to Americans that this administration sides with transgenderism and women appropriation.

“I cant believe this creepy 25 year old man who self identifies as a girl and plays out every dumb bimbo, idiotic, neurotic & negative stereotype of females has been invited to the whitehouse to meet Biden,” one user wrote on Twitter.

“At least he was repping trans and not women tho,” she added.

This whole charade is another example of how the traditional definition of women we’ve all held since the beginning of mankind is being erased. All in the name of woke progressivism.

Tolerance and kindness has gone too far, as we are now living in an America where men with delusional female fantasies are being touted out in the limelight as some sort of symbol of empowerment.

On another note, Stephen L. Miller highlighted the possible national security issues surrounding this meeting with Mulvaney and President Biden.

“Content of the video aside, Forbes just revealed TikTok and Bytedance’s ability to surveil and track specific users and here’s one uploading while inside the white house and meeting with the President,” he said.

This progressive agenda has gone too far. How much longer until the mainstream media props up Mulvaney as woman of the year?

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