Joe Biden Wins Big in Virginia, North Carolina, Shutting Out Bloomberg in First Round of Super Tuesday Returns

Joe Biden has been projected as the winner of the Virginia Democratic Primary, winning the state in overwhelming fashion and showing his appeal in southern states and to Black voters.

The first round of Super Tuesday returns showed Biden carrying the state in a landslide.

Both Bloomberg and Sanders had hoped to be competitive in the traditionally moderate state, with the former having spent a considerable amount of money hoping to block out Biden. But it appears Biden’s appeal to southern Democrats proved more effective than Bloomberg’s money.

Early returns show the former Vice President with more than 55% of the vote, perhaps repeating his dominant South Carolina victory in the more affluent southern state.

Sanders appears set to grab some delegates from enemy territory, and it appears Bloomberg’s millions will count for nothing in gaining the former Mayor delegates for his controversial contested convention strategy.

North Carolina has also been called for Biden as polls closed in the state. A victory in that state would represent an even more favorable development for Biden, who was expected to compete with Sanders closely in the Tarheel State.

Sanders is projected as the winner of the Democratic contests in Vermont and Maine thus far.

Returns for the critical Democratic Primary in Texas will begin coming in as polls close in the state within the hour. Big League Politics continues to monitor the situation.

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