Joe Biden’s Plagiarism And College Scandals Resurface After Hair Sniffing Scandal Breaks

Joe Biden College Plagiarism 1988

After weeks of media attention for his strange tendency to sniff and fondle women and children on camera, Democrat Joe Biden’s college plagiarism scandal has now resurfaced.

In 1987, when Biden was only 45, he briefly ran for the Democrat nominee for president, hoping to prevent Republican President Ronald Reagan’s Vice President George H.W. Bush from attaining the office. Unfortunately for Biden, allegations that he plagiarized an advertisement from an unsuccessful British politician, along with evidence that he lied about his college degree, led him to drop out of the primaries.

The New York Times reported at the time that Biden appeared to borrow heavily from the advertisement during a televised debate, changing only the details to suit his life.

On this side of the Atlantic, many Presidential campaign strategists of both parties greatly admired the way it portrayed Mr. Kinnock, who subsequently lost to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, as a man of character. Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, a Democratic hopeful, was particularly taken with it.

So taken, in fact, that he lifted Mr. Kinnock’s closing speech with phrases, gestures and lyrical Welsh syntax intact for his own closing speech at a debate at the Iowa State Fair on Aug. 23 – without crediting Mr. Kinnock.

Biden initially claimed that he came up with the statement himself while traveling to the debate. He later changed his story, saying that he borrowed some of the ideas from Kinnock, but that it reflected his life. His advisers would later admit that while the speech, as did Kinnock’s, referenced having ancestors who were coal miners, Biden had no named relatives who worked as coal miners.

This was only the first of two scandals Biden suffered in September of 1987. Later in the month, Biden went on to tell a voter identified only as Frank that he had a higher IQ than him, as was evidenced by Biden graduating in the “top half” of his college class with “three degrees.”

This was demonstrated to be another lie. Biden was later forced to admit that he did not graduate in the top half of his college class, and that he only graduated with one degree as opposed to three.

Biden also claimed that his academic record led to receiving a full scholarship and several awards when he attended law school, while Newsweek was able to discover that Biden only received a half scholarship, and none of the awards he claimed he received.

These scandals combined led Biden to ditch his fledgling candidacy.

It appears there are no shortage of scandals plaguing the possible Democrat presidential candidate as he considers another run for president in 2019, and the five women who accuse him of improper physical contact, including hair sniffing, may simply be the tip of the iceberg.

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