Joe Rogan Breaks Down Joe Biden’s Cognitive Decline: “You Can’t Be President”

Podcaster Joe Rogan watched clips of Joe Biden’s campaign speeches suggesting the former Vice President has undergone cognitive decline since leaving office.

A clip of Biden forgetting the segment of the Declaration of Independence that invokes God was enough for Rogan to come to a swift judgement on Biden’s mental faculties. Biden referred to the Creator as ‘the Thing’ in a rambling campaign speech last week.

Stop. Pause. You can’t be President. Listen, we can’t play any games here, folks. This is a really old man who can’t talk… This should get you into a mental hospital.”

Rogan hosts the most popular podcast in America. He earlier endorsed Bernie Sanders for President, but is widely known as a political rogue who’s willing to consider ideas from the right and the left.

Rogan is merely the latest commentator to question Biden’s mental acuity following a persistent series of gaffes and errors that suggest Biden isn’t fully there. The Democratic frontrunner has forgotten that he’s running for President, thought that he’s campaigning in Vermont while actually in New Hampshire, and confused his wife with his sister during his Super Tuesday victory speech.

It’s arguably irresponsible for Democrats and Biden’s campaign staff to put him forth as a serious contender for the Presidency when the capability of his mental faculties is very much in doubt. Perhaps it’s likely that Deep State elements and the institutional establishment Left sees Biden’s candidacy as an opportunity for them to run the show from behind the scenes while the relatively affable and well-known longtime politician provides a likable face that can’t actually exercise the duties of the office.

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