July 4th Air-Travel Chaos Ramps Up Thanks To ‘Not Enough Staff,’ Delays, And Cancellations: ‘A Complete Disaster’

July 4th travel is already proving to be madness. But who’s surprised?

The Daily Mail is reporting that thousands of United Airlines passengers are blaming the company for ruining their holiday weekend amid nationwide airline delays and cancellations.

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby is pointing fingers at the FAA. Citing low staffing as the cause for the already – and likely on-going – six days of chaos. 

Especially during a time of “higher volumes than usual.”

One anonymous worker shared: “I’m a flight attendant with United. Your flight will be delayed or canceled. There is not enough staff to support operations right now.”

“Don’t do it unless you want to be stuck,” they added. “[United Airlines] are stranding their flight attendants and pilots everywhere with no response in random cities.”

Some passengers have shared with the Daily Mail that they have been forced to wait on the phone for a whopping six hours to rebook flights. 

Others are complaining about delays and cancellations that are resulting in missed weddings, vacations, and “once-in-a-life-time” concerts.

Monday saw 8,850 flights delayed and 2,252 canceled completely, while Tuesday had 7,789 delays and 2,205 cancellations, and yesterday saw a slight decrease with 7,237 delayed and 1,199 canceled.

This madness and chaos, nonetheless, is only anticipated to worsen. After all, U.S. transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg is already sounding the alarms over potential – which are quickly turning into practically confirmed – air-travel disruptions. 

Buttigieg blames 5G wireless signals for the onset of delays and cancellations. Even though this issue is not new.

Just one year ago, airlines were sent scrambling after the FAA warned about the impact 5G activation could have on the industry. 

The entities settled on pushing back the roll out of 5G to July 1st, 2023. Which is a major reason for the chaos airlines are facing today just ahead of the 4th of July weekend.

“We know our customers are eager to get to their destinations and our airport and call center teams are working overtime to assist them,” a spokesman for United Airlines said.

“As we focus on helping our customers whose travel has been disrupted over the last few days, we’re also planning ahead to be ready for the upcoming holiday weekend,” they added.

“We’re beginning to see improvement across our operation. As our operation improves in the days ahead, we will be on track to restore our operation for the holiday weekend.”

While some people are being told weather is a factor in this “complete disaster,” passengers aren’t buying it, blaming incompetence and poor planning for the uproar and lack of options.

“This is the worst experience I’ve ever had with any company,” wrote one stranded passenger online.

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