Justin Trudeau Announces Rifle Ban Immediately After Blackface Controversy

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced plans to ban AR-15 style and other semiautomatic rifles in a sweeping gun control plan on Friday, merely days after being busted in photos revealing him wearing blackface costumes.

The timing of Trudeau’s gun ban package has many questioning if it’s merely meant as a distraction from his own racial controversy. The uber-liberal Prime Minister has faced calls to resign after it became clear he’s appeared in blackface-themed costumes on multiple occasions throughout his youth.

Trudeau’s gun control plan will ban the sale of “assault weapons” and implement a buyback program for rifles that have already been purchased.

It’s unclear if the buyback will be mandatory, a suggestion increasingly favored by some progressive American politicians such as Beto O’Rourke. Such a policy would ultimately require law enforcement to forcibly seize legally purchased firearms from individuals without their consent.

Trudeau will also enable Canadian cities to ban ownership of handguns.

The beleaguered Prime Minister doesn’t have ultimate power to enforce such a plan under the Canadian system, and would require approval from the Canadian Parliament in order to implement a far-reaching gun ban that would completely destroy any resemblance of American-style gun rights in Canada. But Trudeau stands a good chance of implementing the plan as leader of the Canadian Liberal Party.

Trudeau has since admitted to wearing blackface costumes on multiple occasions since the original publication of an ‘Arabian Nights’ themed costume he wore as a teacher in 2001. His gun ban could easily distract from the upcoming publication of any more blackface costume photos, providing the progressive with a convenient shield.

It would ultimately be a disappointing tragedy if law-abiding and peaceful Canadian gun owners had to give up their private property in order for Trudeau to create a convenient distraction from his consistent pattern of racially charged costume-wearing. Turning the page from his own personal scandal and raking in applause from forgetful progressives seems to be a higher priority for Trudeau, however.


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