Kanye West’s Tweets Are Making The Left Lose Their Minds

In an age of political correctness and leftist thought policing, Kanye West is a revolutionary speaking his mind, and the left is losing their minds over it.

It all began after Donald Trump was elected President, when Kanye West proclaimed that if he had voted “[he] would have voted on Trump,” and met with the then-President elect at Trump Tower in New York City. In response, leftists lost their minds, with outlets like MTV disavowing his blackness, telling white people, “you guys can have him.”

Instead of buying into the bullying tactics of the radical left, West has doubled down. In the past few days, he has taken to Twitter with a vengeance.

He first made waves with his righteous Twitter rampage when he praised conservative blogged, Candace Owens, who is popularly known online as “Red Pill Black.”

He then went on attacking the though-police, and encouraging his over 15 million Twitter followers to think freely.

Kanye then went on to post several videos of Dilbert creator Scott Adams’ Periscope explaining how Kanye’s tweets are changing the way people think about politics. Adams predicted President Trump’s historic victory and rose to prominence on Twitter for his Periscope streams.





To the surprise of nobody on the right, leftist activists and celebrities loudly fired back at Kanye West.



Needless to say, the left is in full freak-out mode. Kanye West is using his platform to convince people to do the one thing they don’t want people to do: think.



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