Koch-Funded Reason Magazine Falsely Reports Charlie Kirk’s Censorship of ‘America First’ Questioners

The establishment-right’s version of the fake news media is in full damage control over the grassroots revolt against Conservative Inc., and Reason Magazine – the Koch-funded globalist anti-Trump propaganda rag – is assisting their efforts.

Reason associate editor Robby Soave falsely reported what took place at Sunday afternoon event on the UCLA campus featuring Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA (TPUSA), Donald Trump Jr., and his girlfriend Kim Guilfoyle in his article commending Conservative Inc. for its crackdown on grassroots dissent.

Soave falsely blamed the “America First” patriots for the shuttering of the event, calling them an “ideological group of hateful silencers” for “forcing Trump to cut short the Q&A period.”

In actuality, the Q&A session was cancelled before the event officially started, as Kirk hoped to avoid an actual discussion after being humiliated during several recent campus appearances. Neocon commentator Ben Shapiro, on the other hand, featured only hand-picked questions in order to control debate as an event last week at Stanford University.

Video from the audience shows the crowd turning on the event immediately after it was announced beforehand that there would be no Q&A session:

At one point, the audience started repeatedly chanting “Q&A” at Trump Jr. to show their displeasure in being muzzled by event organizers:

Soave conveniently omitted the truth of what happened from his article in order to slime “America First” patriots and make his disingenuous point that it is “great to see conservatives denouncing this racist, anti-gay, white identitarian nonsense.”

“When the right inveighs against progressive censorship and intolerance, it really needs to stress that this is a serious problem on its radical flank as well,” Soave wrote.

Far-Right Trolls Sabotage Event might not generate as many clicks in the conservative media environment as Triggered Left Wants to Silence You, but it is no less important to say,” he concluded.

Maybe Soave should read how Big League Politics covered it.

Reason Magazine has published articles in recent years promoting globalism, NAFTA, open borders, feminism and social justice, women selling their bodies for cash, Big Brother, and the impeachment of Donald Trump. The oligarch-funded propaganda sheet stands in total opposition to any sort of an “America First” agenda.

The grassroots war between “America First” patriots and paid Conservative Inc. operatives is exposing the establishment power structure and forcing people to choose a side. It is more obvious to see who benefits from the entrenched status quo (ie. the swamp) and who opposes institutional corruption than ever before.

Soave did not respond to a comment request before publication.

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