LAW AND ORDER: Detroit Cops Stop ‘Seattle Zone of Lawlessness’ From Taking Hold Inside of City

While many cities such as Seattle, Portland, New York City, Minneapolis and many others have descended into lawless hellscapes due to the ongoing Black Lives Matter terror uprising, the city of Detroit – typically known for its squalor and destitution – has been largely unscathed.

The reason? Detroit police chief James Craig is refusing to give an inch to the thugs, looters, robbers and leftist agitators in his city’s streets.

Craig said that Detroit law enforcement used force to stop leftists from creating a “Seattle zone of lawlessness” inside of the city on Saturday night.

“I am not going to let any group set up a Seattle zone of lawlessness here in the city of Detroit,” Craig said. “That is non-negotiable.”

The infamous CHAZ/CHOP disaster in Seattle resulted in at least two deaths and one sexual assault. Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan pretty much ordered cops to allow it to happen, up until the point she felt personally threatened, then the anarchist collective was put down immediately.

Detroit is not repeating the same pattern of behavior that turned Seattle upside down. A left-wing terror group, Detroit Will Breathe, shut down a busy metropolitan area in Detroit on Saturday, presumably to start their own CHOP. This resulted in 44 arrests, sixteen of whom were actually from the city of Detroit. The other individuals were outside agitators looking to exploit the mayhem for their own ends.

Craig is calling reports that officers acted inappropriately while shutting down the display erroneous. He believes that the use of force used by his officers against the mob on Saturday to protect the streets was justified.

“I’ve never seen a use of force that looks good,” Craig said. “But when we tried to effect arrests, the officers were met with resistance. Was force used? Absolutely. But there’s a difference between force being used and a determination if the force was excessive.”

“If we find wrongdoing, we’ll take action,” Craig added.

Craig also slammed the fake news for reporting biased information against the police and painting leftist thugs as if they are innocent when they are often initiating violent confrontation.

He bashed the media for “never acknowledging that there are times where protesters are very aggressive, armed with wooden sticks … and hammers … throwing boulders and other projectiles at officers.”

“Let’s not take light the dangers our men and women face every day,” Craig said. “I’m proud of the job they’re doing.”

Detroit activist Rev. W.J. Rideout of the group Defenders of Truth & Justice noted that these leftist extremist groups at war with the Detroit police are not helping anyone but themselves.

“Detroit Will Breathe does not represent us,” Rideout said. “The way they protest, throwing things at the police and fighting with them, does not represent how the people in Detroit feel. I have tried to bring peace between Detroit Will Breathe and DPD, but Detroit Will Breathe has a political agenda, and they’re not interested in solutions.

“This is not a city where the police are going around shooting people of color,” Rideout added. “I have protested suburban police departments where there is racism, but I’ve not seen Detroit Will Breathe at any of those protests, which tells me they’re not trying to fight racism — they have another agenda.”

Craig has become one of the most popular police chiefs in all of America for pushing back against Democrat insanity and taking a stand for the rule of law at a time when it needs defending the most.

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