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LEARN TO CODE: Fake News Outlets Fire Hundreds of Employees Over the Past Week Due to Coronavirus

Coronavirus is accelerating the death of the fake news.



The fake news outlets that have been cheering on state-wide quarantines and submission to shutdown policies may be unwittingly supporting their own demise.

Just over the past week, outlets such as BuzzFeed, VICE, The Economist and Quartz have had to lay off hundreds of workers. Journalists on Twitter are bemoaning the death of their racket, which they value as being more important than the livelihoods of millions of other Americans who are suffering during the pandemic.

Vice Media, which was once ridiculously overvalued to the tune of $5.7 billion, suffered the worst losses over the past week. The notoriously crass and foul outlet is feeling the pinch as nobody wants to read about transgender dildo roller derby during a legitimate crisis.

“Currently, our digital organization accounts for around 50 percent of our headcount costs, but only brings in about 21 percent of our revenue,” chief executive Nancy Dubuc said in a memo. “Looking at our business holistically, this imbalance needed to be addressed for the long-term health of our company.”

“Publishing right now is difficult across the whole industry — plain and simple — and the pandemic has intensified the tensions we all know exist between publishing and advertising,” she wrote.

While the media industry is going broke, there is a rising tide of populist anger against fake news journalists who have deceived the people throughout the coronavirus crisis and driven the population into mass hysteria with their biased and irresponsible reporting.

The coronavirus may be accelerating the effects, but Big League Politics has been reporting on the death of the fake news media for many years:

The massive communications conglomerate, Verizon is reportedly scrambling to unload HuffPost, the liberal news entity that was once seen as being on the cutting edge of the digital news landscape before waning substantially in recent years.

AOL bought HuffPost back in 2011 for $315 million, and then Verizon gained control over the leftist news site after they acquired AOL in 2015 for a stunning $4.4 billion. They are now looking to dump it as the public grows weary of fake news, particularly the site’s biased and deceptive coverage against President Donald Trump.

Verizon should expect to get nowhere near the $315 million that AOL paid for the site back when investors believed that leftist media entities had value. The correction in the marketplace has been sharp, and Verizon is learning that the hard way. They had to unload the leftist-dominated social media site, Tumblr for under $20 million in August after inheriting it following the purchase of Yahoo for $4.7 billion in 2017. Yahoo had paid a whopping $1.1 billion for Tumblr in 2013.

The news comes after industry-wide layoffs have shaken the fake news industry, with HuffPost being one of many digital media entities to take a massive hit. BuzzFeed and Vice are two other outlets that have had to downsize substantially this year.

It may be time for these obsolete propaganda writers to learn to code.

Fake News Media

HYPOCRISY: Liberal COVID-19 Alarmists Who Denounced Lockdown Protests are Silent about National Riots

They have shown how coronavirus panic was manufactured.



Far-left hypocrites regularly admonished anti-lockdown protesters for peacefully demonstrating for their livelihoods as spreading COVID-19, only to cheer on violent race riots throughout the country days later and ignore any negative public health implications.

The Resurgence writer Drew Holden created a compilation of the greatest hits of lying liberals engaging in blatant double-standards regarding the coronavirus:

He started by calling out former Clinton operative and CNN hack Joe Lockhart for his despicable comments:

Holden moved onto obsessive Never Trumpers, Tony Posnanski and Kurt Eichenwald for completely changing their tune:

He moved on to profiling some of the most disgraced public officials across the country, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

He profiled New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy, who has been one of most belligerent leaders throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and Washington Post neoconservative Jennifer Rubin for their partisan flip-flopping.

Holden hammered transgender cretin Charlotte Clymer and Julia Ioffe, who writes for GQ Magazine now that nobody reads it:

CNN Political Analyst April Ryan and Russia-gate truther Scott Dworkin were exposed as well:

The co-hosts of Pod Save America, an anti-Trump podcast, made fools of themselves too:

Holden closed his thread by exposing CNN host Soledad O’Brien for her colossal levels of hypocrisy:

The anti-quarantine protests have been vilified constantly despite the fact that they happened throughout the nation without any violence, and have served as golden examples of effective peaceful protest.

Big League Politics reported on protests like “Operation Gridlock” that have emerged across the country:

On Monday, individuals convened in the downtown area for an “Operation Gridlock” protest, based off of last week’s wildly successful demonstration in Michigan against anti-Trump Governor Gretchen Whitmer, whose lockdown policies are among the most strict in the nation.

California Governor Gavin Newsom might be giving Whitmer some competition, as his state bureaucrats have arbitrarily banned a certain type of rally. It is unknown whether they plan to lock up protesters if they disobey the new edict.

“In the interest of public safety and the health of all Californians during the COVID-19 pandemic, effective immediately the California Highway Patrol will deny any permit requests for events or activities at all state facilities, to include the State Capitol, until public health officials have determined it is safe to gather again,” the CHP said.

Because protesters did not comply with arbitrary social distancing mandates and protested as they wished, California is punishing them as a consequence.

The protest was put on by the Freedom Angels, a group that organizes to prevent mandatory vaccinations. They are urging people to stand up to prevent their rights from being taken away during these troubling times.

“This is the time for people to take notice and really evaluate the freedoms they’re giving up, all in the name of perceived safety,” said Freedom Angels co-founder Heidi Munoz Gleisner in a Facebook video.

“People need to get back to work, get back to life, get back into contact with their loved ones who they’re isolated from, they need to be able to have a paycheck,” group co-founder Tara Thornton said to The Sacramento Bee, which interviewed her during the demonstration. “This is the grounds they will enslave us upon.”

The leftists have proven with their brazen hypocrisy that destroyed the economy and shut down society with ginned up coronavirus hysteria just to hurt President Trump’s re-election chances. These enemies of civilization need to be brought to justice for the damage they have caused.

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