‘Left Anarchist’ Boogaloo Members Charged with Conspiring with Hamas to Overthrow U.S. Government

A couple of self-described “Boogaloo Boys” are likely to be going to jail for a long time after being charged with conspiring with terror group Hamas to overthrow the U.S. government.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on Friday in a press release that Michael Robert Solomon, 30, and Benjamin Ryan Teeter, 22, are being charged with conspiring and attempting to give material support to a foreign terrorist organization.

“This case can only be understood as a disturbing example of the old adage, ‘The enemy of your enemy is your friend,’” said Assistant Attorney General John C. Demers for the National Security Division. “As alleged in the complaint, these defendants sought to use violence against the police, other government officials and government property as part of their desire to overthrow the government.”

“Michael Solomon and Benjamin Teeter proclaim themselves to be members of the Boogaloo Bois, a group that espouses a violent ideology and an objective to overthrow the government. The defendants believed their anti-U.S. government views aligned with those of Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization, and actively developed plans to carry out violence in Minnesota and elsewhere,” said U.S. Attorney Erica H. MacDonald.

“Whenever extremist ideologies, regardless of their roots, move into the realm of violence, the FBI and its Joint Terrorism Task Force stands at the ready to prevent potentially deadly and destructive plots,” MacDonald added.

“The FBI is committed to stopping acts of violence against law enforcement officers or anyone else in our communities. According to the criminal complaint, the defendants in this case were willing to work with Hamas, a foreign terrorist organization, in order to get money for potential acts of violence here in the U.S.,” said Jill Sanborn, Assistant Director of the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division. “The FBI’s Minneapolis Field Office demonstrated that we will continue working with our law enforcement partners to detect and stop such activity and protect public safety.”

While the fake news media likes to portray Boogaloo members as right-wing extremist, that is a complete distortion of the movement.

Solomon and Teeter allegedly told an FBI informant that they hoped to target so-called white supremacists in North Carolina and destroy government monuments. These motives sound far more like ANTIFA’s ideology than anything coming from the right wing.

Teeter was even profiled by CNN back in June. He drove to Minneapolis to demonstrate solidarity with Black Lives Matter terrorists burning down the city.

“If people are going to initiate deadly force against us, we need to be willing and able to initiate deadly force in return,” said Teeter, who described himself as a “left anarchist” and a “member of the LGBT community.”

Teeter’s alleged accomplice, Solomon, told the Minneapolis Star Tribune in July that he dabbled in right-wing constitutionalism before embracing violent anti-cop anarchism.

“We know we have a target [on us], that’s why we don’t meet up in big groups because we know we’re probably going to get raided,” Solomon said. “We know a lot of us are probably going to die.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the deep state is using the Boogaloo movement to make the case that white supremacists are behind the orgy of destruction caused directly by leftist BLM/ANTIFA agitators:

The State Department is warning that white supremacist terror is “on the rise and spreading” at a point in time in which the entire country is on fire because of Black Lives Matter (BLM) and ANTIFA agitators.

“The threat posed by racially or ethnically motivated terrorism (REMT), particularly white supremacist terrorism, remained a serious challenge for the global community,” the State Dept. wrote in their report.

They point to a handful of isolated incidents throughout 2019, such as a mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand and a racially-motivated spree shooting in El Paso, Texas, to make the case about the supposed threat.

The report claims that the white supremacists “increasingly target immigrants; Jewish, Muslim, and other religious minorities; lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or intersex (LGBTI) individuals; governments; and other perceived enemies.” Meanwhile, white people are beaten senseless in cities by racist black thugs on a daily basis, but the feds aren’t concerned with that.

The deep state has been doing public relations for the anti-American rioters since they have made their power play, using the death of drug-addicted serial felon George Floyd to unleash their Marxist cultural revolution.

These Boogaloo clowns are just more useful idiots for the globalists.

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