Leftist Snopes ‘Fact Checks’ Multiple Satirical Articles From Christian Babylon Bee

Snopes describes itself as the “oldest and largest fact-checking site on the Internet.” For many, Snopes is considered the end all and be all of what  is true on the internet, and for a while that was the case. The site used to be dedicated to exposing conspiracy theories and folk legends.

But during the 2016 Presidential election, Snopes got heavily involved in politics, seeming to act as the defensive wing of the Clinton campaign at times. Perhaps most famously, they defended Hillary Clinton for her role in the infamous “Uranium One” scandal.

Now that the election is over, it seems that they have enough extra time on their hands to fact check Christian satire website, Babylon Bee. Any reasonable person who takes a cursory glance at the site will see the satire, but Snopes still finds it necessary to fact check them.

Perhaps their most ridiculous fact check was on an article where Babylon Bee claimed that CNN purchased an “industrial sized washing machine” so they could spin news. Most people would find the article hilarious, despite being fake, but Snopes instead found it important to make it known that the claim was false.

Snopes also fact checked an article where Babylon Bee claimed that Planned Parenthood defended Bill Cosby, because “sexual assault is only 3% of what he does.” The satirical article was obviously poking fun at Planned Parenthood, who claims that abortion is only 3% of what they do.

While it may be comical that a website designed to fact check false claims on the internet would spend their time fact checking obvious satire, it becomes more dangerous with the fact that Snopes is an official fact-checker for Facebook. That means that when Babylon Bee posts a parody article that has been fact checked on Facebook, the social network site alerts anyone who clicks the link that it is fake.

The same warning that goes on satire articles from Babylon Bee are included on articles touting Hillary Clinton’s involvement with the Uranium One scandal, and anything else they decide is fake.

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