Leftists Ruin Everything Vol. 294: Gritty The Hockey Mascot


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The left can’t meme. And when they do, they ruin whatever it is they are trying to make a joke out of.

Their latest example is Gritty, the lovable mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, who they claim is now a part of antifa.

Antifa is the a violent activist group known for attacking conservatives, destroying property, and planning full-scale attacks on events they disagree with. To them, anybody to the right of Hillary Clinton is a fascist, and must be stopped, violently if need be.

The claims that the mascot is a part of antifa gained mainstream publicity after an article was published in The Daily Beast. Kelly Weill, the author of the article is known for sourcing antifa-affiliated outlets in stories, making it appear she is either a fan of, or at least sympathetic to the group.

Gritty’s supposed affiliation with antifa began during a protest against a visit from President Donald Trump in Philadelphia.

Left-wing protesters used the mascot in their protest signs against the president.

Following that protest, socialist magazine Jacobin dubbed the mascot a “worker.”

And finally, completing its transformation into a left-wing meme, a parody account was created. The parody account posts pictures of Gritty, along with left-wing slogans.

It is unlikely the “Gritty is antifa” meme will last very long. It will almost certainly go down in flames like most left-wing memes.

It’s hard for the left to create anything enjoyable when they spend all their time ranting about micro-aggressions and trigger warnings. SAD!


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