LGBT Mafia Vandalizes Church with Pro-Gay, Anti-Trump Messages

Members of the esteemed LGBT community in Ohio vandalized a church this week, spray painting it with pro-gay and anti-Trump messaging.

“New Life Assembly Church Pastor Bob Wardle was greeted with an unusual message when he arrived to work on Thursday: ‘God is a woman and she is gay.’ ‘Love is love.’ ‘Pride.’ ‘God is dead.’ ‘All people are equal.’ ‘Be kind,'” according to local news reports.

The report said that the LGBT messages were also accompanied by “profane references to President Donald Trump” on the non-denominational church. The report suggested that the church might have been targeted due to Wardle’s “blunt” preaching style.

He recently preached a sermon denouncing homosexuality, among other sins:

The pastor often decries what he considers rampant sinful activity within the American churches. In a June 9 sermon, Wardle shared a list of those sins: Drunkenness. Fornication. Adultery. He then moved to the topic of sexual orientation, declaring “homosexuality is straight-up perversion.”

Outside the church hangs a sign with a quote from Leviticus 18:22.

“You shall not lie with a man as with a woman. It is an abomination,” it reads.

Wardle said that his church was the victim of hatred.

“I just think it’s hate toward Biblical truth that the church is preaching,” he reportedly said.

The vandalism comes amid escalating tensions between American conservatives and liberals, with liberals often calling for violence against their political counterparts.

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