Libertarian Party Chairman Boasts That Justin Amash’s Presidential Run Will Give Michigan to Joe Biden

Rep. Justin Amash announced Tuesday that he was defecting to the Libertarians and seeking to be their presidential candidate in the 2020 general election.

Amash’s candidacy has shocked onlookers who note his total inability to compete, but a comment from Libertarian Party (LP) chairman Nicholas Sarwark may show the fiendish master plan behind Amash’s presidential campaign.

“Based on how [Gov. Gary] Johnson did in New Mexico, if the last Michigan contest was decided by 10,000 votes, I’m pretty sure having a Michigander … on the ballot just takes Michigan off the board for the president,” Sarwark told the Detroit News.

Adrian Hemond, a veteran political strategist in the state of Michigan, believes that the sabotage plan by the LP could be successful and help Biden’s chances in the Wolverine State.

“A certain amount of this is ego driven because [Amash is] clearly not going to win,” Hemond said. “But the president only won Michigan by 10,000 votes, so it doesn’t take all that many to have an impact on the election.”

The LP has reveled in their role of sabotaging Republican candidates and handing over elections to the Democrats for awhile. They boasted about how they were influential in undermining the re-election chances of former Kentucky governor Matt Bevin and getting him replaced by a far-left liberal in Andy Beshear last year.

Big League Politics reported that the LP did not care about Bevin’s achievements to limit government and protect the taxpayer. They just wanted to sabotage the Republican out of sour grapes:

While it may not be the case that Libertarian voters would preferred Bevin if Hicks were theoretically removed from the ballot, the Libertarian Party of Kentucky (LPK) is taking great pride in their role as anti-Republican spoiler. They are rubbing it in the face of Bevin voters, flaunting their role in handing the governorship over to a socialist liberal.

“In an ideal world, we elect Libertarian candidates and advance liberty. Failing that, we push mainstream candidates towards liberty to advance the cause,” the LPK wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday night.

“But if we can’t do those things, we are always happy to split the vote in a way that causes delicious tears. Tonight there are plenty of delicious tears from Bevin supporters,” they added.

The LPK criticized Bevin despite his limited government credentials and willingness to push back against big government entities like the state teachers’ union as governor. They cited Bevin’s unwillingness to cut taxes or support criminal justice reform, despite the fact that did both while in office.

“We began by making it easier for formerly incarcerated people to get back to work, passing a comprehensive felony expungement bill that allows certain former offenders, who have been crime-free for five years, to wipe their slates clean,” Bevin said in a Fox News op/ed talking about his success in implementing criminal justice reform.

“We also passed a bold reentry initiative that provides for more job training and eliminates regulatory barriers to employment for people with criminal records,” he added, encouraging other states to implement similar measures.

Bevin also vetoed a $480 million tax hike, much to the chagrin of the state’s far-left teachers union.

With Amash as their vessel, the LP hopes to do nationally in 2020 what they did to the state of Kentucky last year. This party of laughingstocks want America to lose alongside them.

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