Libertarian Party U.S. Senate Candidate in Arizona Drops Out, Endorses Opponent Blake Masters

Following a crucial endorsement by retired former Texas Congressman Ron Paul, the Libertarian Party U.S. candidate in Arizona has dropped out of the race and endorsed his Republican opponent, Blake Masters.

Arizona Libertarian Senate candidate Marc Victor officially dropped out of the race and is urging his supporters to get behind Masters. Victor was previously garnering as much as 6 percent in the polls, and his supporters going to Masters would put him ahead of incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly.

“I believe it is in the best interests of freedom and peace to withdraw my candidacy and enthusiastically support Blake Masters for United States Senate,” Victor said about his decision to drop out.

“Marc Victor joins a growing list of Arizonans from across the political spectrum who are fed up with open borders, big government corruption, and rising crime. We are building a broad coalition to defeat the worst senator in America,” Masters said about Victor’s endorsement.

Recent polls have shown Masters and Kelly in a statistical dead heat for the open U.S. Senate seat in Arizona as the race is among the country’s most competitive with the midterm elections less than a week away.

Big League Politics has reported:

A new poll shows that populist America First Republican candidate Blake Masters is tied with incumbent Democrat Mark Kelly in the race for U.S. Senate in Arizona.

The poll was taken during Oct. 11-17 with 893 likely voters sampled by Data for Progress, a liberal polling firm. The results showed that Masters has bridged the gap with Kelly, despite the GOP establishment led by Sen. Mitch McConnell pulling millions from his campaign coffers.

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