LibsOfTikTok Locked Out Of Twitter For Posting Public Videos, Event Ads Of Drag Shows For Kids

The ruling left and powers that be want the LibsOfTikTok (LoTT) Twitter account gone. It’s become too dangerous to them, as it exposes many left-wing lunacies by simply reposting what activists have said themselves plus some added context.

The account has been routinely smeared and doxxed by corporate press outlets, and it has been suspended numerous times by Twitter for the cardinal sin of resharing videos and media from left-wing actors.

Now, LoTT has been “locked out” of its account for posting a “mega thread” about several recent drag shows for kids. Apparently, the content violates Twitter’s rules against “abuse and harassment.”

As Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillion pointed out in the tweet above: “You know what’s actually abusive? Drag shows for kids.”

Again, think about what LoTT did to get locked out. They posted public videos and event ads. There was no doxxing, no personal harassment – just reposting drag events that happened where men in makeup and dresses danced and exposed themselves to crowds of children.

To make matters worse, in a recent lawsuit reported by the New York Post, Twitter refused to take down widely shared pornographic images and videos of teenage sex trafficking victims because an investigation “didn’t find a violation” of the company’s “policies.” Notice the trend here?

“You can promote drag shows for kids on Twitter. That’s fine. You can even share videos of yourself performing in them. The only thing you can’t do is criticize them,” Dillion said on Twitter in response to the LoTT account news.

“Somehow the feelings of a few drag queens matter more to Twitter than the corruption of a generation of children,” he added.

The sanctuary response to drag shows for children has been on the upward trend in recent years, and it has been capitalized by various woke organizations during this year’s Pride Month.

Perhaps the most circulated example comes from the “Drag Your Kids to Pride” event that took place at a Dallas, Texas, bar last week. It revolved around drag queens and children, with activities ranging from musical chairs to a sexualized show by the drag queens in attendance — which children took part in.

Displayed signs read, “it’s not gonna lick itself” and “I licked it so it’s mine.”

In other news, Burger King debuted its “Pride Whopper,” which uses two top or two bottom buns to promote “equal love and equal rights.” And Taco Bell is hosting “Drag Queen Brunches” to create a new “immersive fan experience.” Now, Pizza Hut wants children to read more LGBTQ books in exchange for free pizza.

The status of the LoTT account will surely spark more public backlash, as we have been seeing more parental push back against woke organizations advocating for these adult themes on children.

Communities are (finally) speaking out. Now they must hold the line.

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