Lockheed Martin Sends Executives to Three-Day Marxist Reeducation Camp to Deconstruct ‘White Male Culture’

Lockheed Martin, the largest defense contractor in the U.S., recently sent executives to a three-day camp where they were immersed with marxist anti-white propaganda, researcher Christopher Rufo has discovered.

The program was led by the White Men As Full Diversity Partners and participants included a former three-star general and vice president of production for the F-35 fighter jet program costing $1.7 trillion. Participants were forced to denigrate their identity as part of some sort of ethnomasochistic submission ritual.

The program unwittingly explained why diversity is not a strength. White male values are listed as “rugged individualism,” “a can-do attitude,” “hard work,” “operating from principles,” and “striving towards success.” These values are called “devastating” toward minorities and women, who the marxists seem to imply cannot compete on an even playing field. 

The white men were then required to repeat dogmas that would mentally train them to lower themselves beneath America’s new multicultural ruling class that otherwise could not achieve greatness on their own merits.

The training then moved into heterosexual privilege and victimization about the plight of blacks in society. The white men were forced to recite alleged black grievances that were petty, illogical and humiliating in their abject stupidity. This is how diversity greases the skids toward civilizational idiocracy.

Rufo noted that Lockheed Martin is subsidized to the tune of billions of dollars per year to protect U.S. national security interests, meaning that these trainings were in part funded by the American taxpayer.

Big League Politics has reported on how multinational corporations have embraced anti-white marxist dogma as they do the bidding of ruthless Chinese communists:

Images leaked by an internal whistleblower show the blatantly racist and anti-white online training that Coca-Cola employees must undergo.

A former Democrat and self-described “unwoke activist” Karlyn Borysenko obtained the images and walked through them in a video posted to her YouTube channel.

The images come from a publicly available LinkedIn course titled “Confronting Racism, with Robin DiAngelo,” meaning that Coca-Cola is far from the only company that forces their employees to take it.

Some of the images from the course can be seen below. One depicts a laundry list of what it means to be “less white,” such as being “less oppressive, arrogant, certain, defensive, [and] ignorant.” Another one covered in Karlyn’s video says that “one-time workshops on racism are not enough” and recommends establishing organizational practices like “monthly affinity groups, cross-racial discussions, ongoing professional development, [and] revamped interview questions that address racial issues.”

America is being destroyed systematically, and anti-white blood libels are key to the success of this organized conspiracy of national subjugation. The corporate officials responsible for pushing this racist poison need to be purged and prosecuted for their behavior.

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