LOL: Ousted Congressman Denver Riggleman’s Mom Told Him ‘I’m Sorry You Were Ever Elected’ After He Betrayed Trump

Ousted former one-term Congressman Denver Riggleman, who was soundly rejected by Republican voters after one term, was admonished by his own mother after he turned against President Donald Trump, sold his soul, and became a full-fledged RINO.

“What will it take to wake you up son….I love you so, but cannot stand by and listen to your elitist attitude and being praised by elitist journalist and democrats,” Riggleman’s mother told him via text.

“You are now part of the swamp…I’m sorry you were ever elected…You are officially a politician…I have cried over you and my heart is broken by you,” she added.

Riggleman’s mother admonished him in Oct. 2020 when he was doing a media tour against President Donald Trump and tarring his supporters in the crucial weeks before the presidential election, working with Democrats to push a resolution condemning so-called QAnon followers. In the months after, Riggleman only doubled down on his disgusting beliefs. Now, he’s hawking a book to the fake news media in a vain attempt to get some of that Never Trump cash.

Big League Politics reported on how Riggleman peddled phony intelligence reports claiming that constitutional freedom groups are terror threats in order to feed the overreaching Jan. 6 probe of which he has a gleeful participant:

Former Congressman Denver Riggleman of Virginia was booted last year from public office in disgrace for disrespecting his constituents and being a disreputable individual.

Now, he is leading the Big Brother charge to demonize constitutional rights’ supporters in the wake of the U.S. Capitol protests.

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