LOOMER WAS RIGHT: Congressional Candidate Warned That Big Tech Censors Would Come for Mainstream Conservatives

After the tidal wave of censorship from Twitter and Facebook to protect former vice president Joe Biden and his crackhead son, mainstream commentators are on the war path against Big Tech due to their Orwellian attacks on free speech.

However, banished journalist Laura Loomer warned about this exact scenario taking place, and most mainstream conservatives – many of whom are financially tied to Big Tech or otherwise beholden to them – were silent at the time.

Loomer noted on her Telegram account that she was ridiculed for exposing the upcoming election steal during a Congressional hearing that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey appeared at back in 2018.

“Jack Dorsey, you are lying about censoring conservatives. You were caught on tape by Project Veritas shadowbanning people. You are censoring people. You censored me, you censored Milo, you censored Chuck Johnson, James O’Keefe. You even censored President Trump when one of your employees deleted his account for a few minutes,” Loomer said at the Congressional hearing.

“Jack Dorsey is trying to influence the election to sway the election so that the Democrats can steal the election. That is why he is censoring and shadowbanning conservatives. You are a liar, Jack Dorsey!” she added. The video can be seen here.

Some of the more consistent right-wing pundits are giving Loomer the credit she deserves for being many years ahead of weak and controlled mainstream conservatives on the issue of tech censorship:

Big League Politics has reported on Loomer’s rising congressional campaign in Florida’s 21th U.S. House District, which has proven to be viable despite Loomer being locked out of Big Tech social media platforms:

Congressional candidate and banished journalist Laura Loomer is showing that she is a serious contender to be reckoned with, crushing her incumbent Democrat opponent in fundraising numbers for a second straight quarter.

Loomer’s campaign announced last week that she raised $202,135 during the 4th quarter of 2019 from a wide variety of small donors. She has received support from 7,000 donors, with the average donation being $56, while entrenched swamp creature Lois Frankel relies largely on special interests to fill her campaign coffers.

“I’m grateful for the support of Floridians and the ongoing contributions from Americans across the nation. Our fundraising success is proof that our America First message resonates with a majority of the public,” Loomer said.

Loomer’s chief strategist Karen Giorno, who worked as President Trump’s 2016 Florida State Director, pointed out how shamefully narrow Frankel’s donor base is.

Giorno said: “It’s astonishing that a sitting member of Congress has only 159 donors to support a reelection campaign. The lack of effort by Lois Frankel is emblematic of her do-nothing tenure in Congress. She’s earned the name, ‘Lazy Lois.'”

In addition to beating Frankel, Loomer is also crushing all of her primary competition within the GOP in the 21st Congressional district of Florida. Loomer’s campaign is particularly critical of Frankel for taking money from PACs funded by gun-grabbing former New York City mayor and current Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.

“Unlike our opponent, Lois Frankel, our campaign doesn’t rely on large contributions from fat cat donors, teacher’s unions and Michael Bloomberg. We’ve had to work hard and reinvest donations to build a massive base of fundraising and grassroots support that will serve us through November,” Giorno said.

What is most astonishing is how Loomer has raised the money despite being deplatformed by all major social media platforms. She is currently suing the Big Tech giants, alleging their conspiracy to censor her constitutes the type of electoral interference that Democrats regularly accuse the Russians of committing.

“Despite being shut down by Big Tech, we’ve put in the hard work to stay connected with supporters on a daily basis. Now that’s it’s 2020, we’ll be applying those same efforts to connect with and engage voters in District 21. We’re winning this. This campaign will not be silenced,” Loomer said.

Loomer represents the new GOP led by President Trump that does not surrender to business interests that are at war with American values.

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