Loser Erick Erickson Shills for Marco Rubio’s Weaksauce Response to Leftist-Led Rioting

Unsurprisingly, conservative gatekeeper Erick Erickson is now defending Marco Rubio’s comments which downplayed the Left’s involvement in the current riots sweeping across America.

Rubio originally tweeted, “Various domestic terror groups on BOTH far left & right are instigating & committing acts of violence & looting. They are stealing the focus away from the murder of Mr. Floyd & the legitimate problems it revealed.”

However, Fox News commentator Lisa Marie Boothe challenged Rubio’s dubious assertion.

She tweeted, “What groups on the right? With all due respect, this is a cowardly response.”


Rubio then responded, “With all due respect @LisaMarieBoothe what would be cowardly is condemning what Antifa is doing in the street but ignore what certain extremist groups on the far right are encouraging followers to do on telegram & facebook. I am against ANY group that undermines law & order.”

Erickson retweet commented Rubio’s tweet:

He’s not wrong. Got Antifa in the streets right now but we had those idiots in Charlottesville and the Ahmaud Aubrey truthers online.


BLP has reported on Erickson’s previous defenses of establishment narratives.

Instead of defending dissident right voices like Alex Jones and Milo Yiannopoulos, Erickson decided to label them as reactionary.

If conservatives want to know why political correctness is so pervasive, they should no further at Erickson’s behavior.

It takes two to tango in our politically correct status quo and Fat Erick is more than willing to dance.




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