Loudoun County Students Walk Out In Support Of Victims After Education Board Covered Up Sexual Assault

Footage posted by the Daily Caller of students walking out in protest of a girl who was sexually assaulted by a another student.

Students in Loudoun County, Virginia were seen marching out of school Tuesday to show support for victims after the school board allegedly covered up a sexual assault involving violent penetration perpetrated by a 14-year-old boy against a teenage girl. The boy in question had claimed he was female and consequently was allowed into the woman’s locker rooms by school staff. The administration at Stone Bridge High School repeatedly ignored the incident and refused to acknowledge it or hold the alleged attacker to account, leading to massive uproar around the community.

“Loudoun County students walk out to voice support for victims after the school board was accused of covering up sexual assault,” reads a post by the Daily Caller.

Big League Politics has previously covered the sexual assault cover-up by Loudoun County’s Stone Bridge High School, including the infamous board meeting when the victim’s father, Scott Smith was arrested, ejected, and slapped with criminal charges for leading a protest of the school board that failed to protect his daughter and other students.

Brighter news has also recently developed from the story, with a Loudoun County juvenile court recently convicting the boy who committed the alleged sexual assault.

A cross-dressing male student has been convicted in Loudoun County’s juvenile court system of the sexual assault of a female classmate in a girl’s restroom, following a scandal that revealed the local school board had sought to cover up reports of the crime for fear it would incite the school system’s transgender agenda.

A 14-year old biological male student who some accounts have described as transgender was found guilty on all counts for the assault at Stone Bridge High School, with most details surrounding the criminal conviction sealed as a result of the offender’s age. The minor will await adjudication of charges stemming from yet another assault at a different high school before sentencing.

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