Make America Straight Again? Watch Joe Biden’s First Campaign Gaffe

Make America Straight Again Biden Gaffe

Democrat presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden may have already made his first campaign gaffe within hours of its launch, telling a reporter that his message to the world is that America used to be “straight.”

Biden launched his presidential campaign early this morning with a video, and has already been subject to increased scrutiny for over the past few weeks after multiple women came forward alleging he had inappropriate physical contact with them that made them feel uncomfortable.

Now, Biden may have already made his first campaign gaffe, as he told a reporter that under Biden, the country will return to how it used to be: “straight.”

The gaffe came as Biden was asked by a reporter, “Do you have a message for the rest of the world?”

“Yes, America is coming back like we used to be,” replied Biden. “Ethical, straight, telling the truth.”

Naturally, Biden meant his response to be a dig against President Donald J. Trump, who apparently is not “ethical” or “straight” in his view.

However, in today’s sensitive political environment, the fact that Biden would describe honesty as “straight” may make him unpopular with the same members of the LGBT community the Democrats are desperately courting for votes.

In the battleground state of New Hampshire, Biden is currently tied with the openly gay Mayor Pete Buttigieg for second place, with Sen. Bernie Sanders in the lead by several points.

Buttigieg, who launched his presidential campaign by passionately kissing his husband Chasten, has already been subject to adulation from far-left media outlets for his sexual preference.

The Daily Beast recently published an article slamming those who are “discounting (Buttigieg’s) sexual preference,” suggesting that those who do so are diminishing the struggles faced by the LGBT community.

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