Man Shot After Attacking Police With Knife in Lancaster Allegedly Stabbed Four People in 2019, Wasn’t Convicted

The latest Black Lives Matter martyr, who was shot dead in Lancaster, Pennsylvania on Sunday after charging a police officer with a long knife, was charged with four counts of aggravated assault for allegedly stabbing four people in 2019.

27-year old promptly rushed an armed police officer in the knife when he arrived at the residence he was in.

Munoz is said to have resisted arrest when police were called in a 2019 incident, with someone reporting a fight had occurred in a Lancaster apartment building. After police tased him, he was arrested. Police found multiple individuals inside the apartment with stabwounds, who indicated that Munoz was responsible. A total of four people were stabbed in the violent incident, with Munoz being charged with a count of aggravated assault for each victim.

Individuals recounted Munoz attacking them outside of a home, going on to try and forcibly enter the residence when they took refuge inside.

It’s unclear why Munoz wasn’t convicted in the incident, considering that he would go on to act violently and get himself killed just over a year after.

This pathetic little punk has quickly become a valiant martyr in the eyes of Black Lives Matter rioters in the Lancaster area, and they’ve gone on to violently riot in the town just hours after his death. False reports have spread indicating Munoz was a 14-year old boy with autism, but he’s a grown man with a violent criminal history.

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