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Marco Rubio Joins Democrat Hoax, Defends BLM Protesters, Blames ‘Far Right’ Agitators for Violence

Rubio is getting played like a fiddle.



Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is spreading a media hoax that right-wing extremist groups are fomenting violence in the streets as the nation goes up in flames due to sustained rioting.

He released a groveling video on Sunday over Twitter in which he blamed nonexistent right-wing groups for causing violence along with left-wing extremists.

“The murder of George Floyd is both a tragedy and a travesty, and the anger we’ve seen built around that isn’t just justified, but is also more than just about Mr. Floyd’s murder. It is about the fact a substantial percentage of the American family believes and feels that their issues receive less attention and their lives are held with less value because of their race, because of the color of their skin,” Rubio said, echoing far-left Black Lives Matter talking points.

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After making excuses for the rioters, he turned his focus to a conspiracy theory that right-wing agitators are instigating the violence.

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“These protesters have been largely peaceful. They are not the ones looting and hurting and burning people,” Rubio said. “But something happens at these protests right around sundown. Suddenly they start to turn violent, and they start to turn violent because some people show up.”

“These people are violent domestic extremists and they range from ANTIFA groups who are radical to the Left to some other groups radical to the Right. In fact, groups that I would argue don’t even belong on the political spectrum as we know it… They share some common objectives. They hate the police. They hate the government,” he added.

His entire video can be seen here:

After Rubio was called out for his cowardly video address, he doubled down on his accusation against right-wing extremists even though he could not name any specific group or any specific instances of violence that they were responsible of committing at the riots.

Rubio has expressed sympathy toward ANTIFA terrorists in the past, such as after the Charlottesville disaster in 2017 when he justified their actions that led to several deaths:

Yesterday, Big League Politics reported on the conspiracy theory concocted by failed Democrat leaders and the fake news media to pin the violence on white supremacists:

Minnesota’s Democratic Governor Tim Walz made a wild accusation relating to the Minneapolis race riots on Friday night, claiming that that he suspected “white supremacists” were instigating the chaos.

The governor also blamed drug cartels for allegedly instigating the riots, without explaining why and how the international criminal groups could’ve orchestrated the crowds of thousands of people committing crimes of arson and vandalism.

Walz went on to admit the state and local response to the riots had been an “abject failure,” an assessment that seems wholly unreflective as to what officials are ultimately responsible for the state response to the riots.

Neither the governor or his office have yet to provide any evidence for their shocking claim, which appears wholly unsubstantiated. The Minnesota Department of Public Safety later went on to claim that reports of supposed white supremacist involvement “have been confirmed,” but admitting that the law enforcement agency itself hasn’t confirmed them.

Walz would go on to openly admit that the state doesn’t want to arrest the riotous criminals causing extensive damage to the city of Minneapolis, evenly as he acknowledged that they were damaging and stealing the vehicles and cargo loads of working-class truck drivers.

RINO Republicans like Rubio are echoing some of the most idiotic propaganda in political history about the riots.


EXPOSED: Sen. Richard Burr’s Crony Connections to Casino Magnate Widely Accused of Corruption

Burr’s an anti-Trump swamp politician renowned for his cronyism.



Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC) has been working against the will of his own state, lobbying for the interests of a foreign Indian tribe and a casino magnate with a history of indictments, to essentially override the will of the people.

The Kings Mountain casino has been a hot button issue for years in North and South Carolina, with the Catawba tribe seeking to build the facility. The Catawba is located in South Carolina where their laws prevent Indian casinos that are permitted in other states. The tribe is attempting to cross state boundaries to get their casino built in North Carolina, where the gaming laws are more relaxed. This has angered the surrounding community.

“The casino industry thrives off of things against Christian values,” said pastor Alton Beal, who organizes the group, “Say NO to a Casino in Cleveland County.”

Beal’s group gathered 1,200 signatures last year from community leaders for a letter released in a local paper opposing the casino.

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RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

  • RIOTS: Who do you blame for the violence on America's streets?

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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Sen. Burr has partnered with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) to take the power away from the people of North Carolina. They proposed federal legislation last year that would allow the Catawba tribe to build the controversial casino while basically circumventing objections from the public. This has enraged other Indian tribes as well, who argue that Catawba is receiving special privileges due to working the system.

“We encourage the Catawba Indian Nation to go through the same proper process in their home state of South Carolina that we have worked through for decades as partners with our state of North Carolina,” said Richard Sneed, principal chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians (EBCI).

“As it stands, this bill would create a harmful precedent — the first time Congress has expressly authorized an Indian tribe to acquire land into trust simply for owning and operating an off-reservation casino,” Sneed added.

The Catawba tribe has made in-roads with RINO swamp senators such as Burr and Graham due in part to their close association with Wallace Cheves, a gaming kingpin who has been indicted for fraud, illegal gambling, and money laundering. The state of Alabama successfully sued Cheves for running illegal casinos, and he has been accused by South Carolina officials of violating gaming laws in that state. Cheves has paid at least $16,000 to Burr through his various political entities. Despite Burr’s best efforts, the legislation never made it out of committee on the Senate floor for a full vote.

Burr’s legislation was listed in a federal complaint filed last week in U.S. District Court against the Interior Department by the EBCI and several other plaintiffs. The complaint details Cheves’ maneuvering to reinterpret the law for his own ends, wheeling and dealing at every level to boost his investments. After buying off Burr, Cheves focused on influencing bureaucrats in the Interior Department to change their enforcement of the rules, which was ultimately successful.

“On March 12, 2020, Defendant [Assistant Secretary of the Interior Tara] Sweeney issued a decision directing the transfer of the Kings Mountain site into trust for the Catawba and determining that the Catawba could lawfully game at the Kings Mountain site under IGRA,” the complaint reads.

The EBCI hopes to have the federal decision overturned by the courts, which would prevent the new casino from being built in a community that does not want to see it opened. Even though his legislation failed, Burr penned a derisive op/ed slamming Cheves’ legal opponents for “bullying” other Indian tribes for wanting them to follow the law as it has been understood for decades.

“Whether it’s the Lumbees or one mother’s home, it seems that nothing is too big or too small for the Cherokee to oppose if it affects their bottom line. I hope North Carolina rejects such bullying tactics from any tribe and considers each case, including the Catawbas’ and the Lumbees’, on its merits. The stakes are too high,” Burr wrote.

Burr gained infamy earlier this year regarding allegations of insider trading, but that is far from his only indiscretion. This lawmaker truly embodies everything that is wrong about Washington D.C.

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