Mark Zuckerberg Admits Right Wing Employee Was Fired From Facebook In Senate Testimony

As widely reported, Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg is on Capitol Hill today to apologize and blame others on his company’s careless regard towards the most personal data kept online. As expected, Zuckerberg has responded in canned answers, always going back to his talking points in his best Hillary Clinton impression. (And we all know how it’s a struggle for either to act human.)

But after a couple hours in the hearing room, Zuckerberg wasn’t as sharp and Senator Ted Cruz got him to admit something Facebook has never confirmed: that conservative Oculus Rift founder, Palmer Luckey, was fired from Facebook around one year ago.

Facebook has repeated denied that he was fired, but rather left the company on his own. Many have speculated it had to do with Luckey’s right wing views.

Watch the exchange here:

During the testimony, Cruz took the role of prosecutor and lead Zuckerberg right into a trap. By peppering Zuck with question after question, Cruz made him start answering extremely fast.

That’s when the Senator from Texas pounced. After asking Zuck about the political background of the 20,000 employees he’s hired to monitor content to be censored on Facebook, Cruz posed this question,”As CEO have you ever made hiring or firing decisions based on political positions or what candidates they supported?”

A quick and emphatic “No” came from Zuckerberg. But then Cruz asked him something he didn’t expect, “Why was Palmer Luckey fired?” Zuckerberg blurted out that he didn’t think it would be appropriate to discuss it in a public forum. Cruz pressed back demanding to know why that case wasn’t political in nature, but Zuck continued to demure.

After one final push from Cruz about the firing, Zuckerberg concluded with “I can commit that it was not because of a political view.”

And there you have it folks, Mark Zuckerberg admitted in front of the U.S. Senate he fired Palmer Luckey. A widely outspoken right leaning figure who funded Nimble America, a political group dedicated to the “meme magic” that helped push Donald Trump to victory.

Don’t forget, Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg confessed to John Podesta how badly she wanted Hillary to win.

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