McConnell Battles Trump On Senate Race

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McConnell Battles Trump On Race-

A super PAC tied to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, the Senate Leadership Fund, recently purchased over $7 million in advertising for anti-Trump RINO, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK). The contribution is a part of a $141 million advertising spend aimed at defending incumbents.

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed Murkowski’s challenger, Kelly Tshibaka, in her bid to end the tenure of an enduring swamp creature who has plagued conservatism for two decades. 

Murkowski was already significantly outpacing her challenger in fundraising since the beginning of the race. But this huge allocation of funds extends the gap overwhelmingly between her and Tshibaka.

By the end of last quarter, Murkowski had raised $5.2 million, while Tshibaka had only $967,600 in the bank, according to the Washington Post. Despite this, Trump’s endorsement, alone, might just buy more votes in Alaska than a $10 million war chest.

Out of seven Republican Senators who voted to convict President Trump on the leftist House’s politically-motivated impeachment charge, Murkowski is the only one up for reelection this year. And rather than show support for the leader of the party, McConnell has opted to fund the incumbent challenging Trump’s endorsement of Tshibaka.

McConnell Battles Trump On Race-

McConnell is preserving his own future by coming out in support of Murkowski. Tshibaka has stated that, if she makes it to the Senate, she will not support RINO McConnell as Senate majority leader — I’m sending a check.

Ever since the days of the tea party, conservatives have endeavored to remove Murkowski and replace her with someone who could be relied on to represent her conservative state. But even upon losing her primary years ago, she was able to win a write-in campaign by touting liberal policies to leftist indigenous groups who saw her — and still see her — as the best option in a red state.

McConnell Battles Trump On Race-

In her most recent outrage to conservatives, the senator from Alaska voted to confirm Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson to the U.S. Supreme Court, who, with the other relatively young leftist justices nominated over the years, will guarantee a solid presence of radicals on the court for decades to come. Given that conservatives really only have two justices they can count on — and the best of them is 73 years old — Murkowski’s vote places conservatives in a very difficult situation.

There is a noticeable pattern of voters being ignored in favor of interest group pressures, media demands and Democrat approval. The constant backstabbing by Republicans in Congress is exactly why voters need to send people like Murkowski back to the private sector. Simply getting people like her out of the Senate is a huge step toward forwarding America First policies. 

The result of allowing people like Murkowski, Cheney and McConnell to continue on in the Republican Party is a continued weakness in the party that relies on the mistakes of Democrats for electoral victory, when they should be accomplishing what conservatives voted them in to accomplish.

Murkowski has spent 20 years failing conservatives. It’s time for the Republican Party to look past committee leadership positions and start representing their voters. And it starts with ending all financial contributions to those who have, time and time again, betrayed their voters. And that includes Lisa Murkowski.


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McConnell Battles Trump On Race-

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