Meta’s New Twitter Rip-Off Is Riddled With Biased Censorship Policies And Major Privacy Concerns

Meta just launched its Twitter clone, Threads, and it’s already proving to be a massive censorship and privacy dumpster fire.

For starters, the app censors users for simply sharing facts. 

Here’s one prime example:

As you can see in the tweet above, @shaneyyricch’s “thread” was removed for going against Community Guidelines. 

His offense? He posted: “it has been confirmed that the West Wing of the White House was evacuated due to cocaine being found. The FBI is scrambling to find who it could belong [to].” 

Somehow those basic statements were offensive, or something. 

Meta didn’t like them so they took them down without any option to appeal.

Other users shared the warning label Threads gives if you try to follow Donald Trump Jr., who is apparently known to “repeatedly” share “false information.”

Trying to follow other accounts like DC Draino comes with the same warning label.

Even AOC shared her frustrations with the new Twitter rip-off:

But ditching the platform is not as easy as one might think. 

As reported by The Independent, the app “will not let people leave without deleting their whole Instagram account, its rules warn.”

As Journalist Michael Shellenberger wrote, Meta’s botched app promised it would be better than Twitter, but is instead nothing more than another platform that secretly censors users while capturing their private information.

Meta is already too powerful. One company controls what much of the public is allowed to see. And if Threads succeeds, it will have 80% of the global market outside of Russia and China, according to one industry insider. As such, it’s reasonable to expect that Meta will censor precisely the same way the large news media corporations, including the New York Times, and corporate advertisers want it to. More censorship is what the mainstream news media, big corporations, and their celebrity pitch people have been demanding.

Shellenberger also notes an important distinction. He says Twitter’s policy only censors and removes posts that go against national laws. Meta’s app appears to censor content that goes against woke ideology.

No wonder many conservatives are still choosing Twitter as their go-to platform.

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