Mexico Sues U.S. Gun Manufacturers for $10 Billion, Blaming Them for Gun Violence Epidemic

Having failed to stop crime and murder in their destitute third-world national, Mexican officials are initiating a lawsuit against U.S. gun manufacturers for $10 billion in a desperate attempt to shift the blame away from their policy failures.

The lawsuit is demanding the money from Smith & Wesson (SWBI.O), Barrett Firearms, Colt’s Manufacturing Company, Glock Inc, Sturm, and Ruger & Co, claiming that they are responsible for the Mexican government’s inability to keep their people safe.

“What’s the objective? That the companies in question compensate Mexico’s government for the damage caused by their negligent practices,” Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said during a news conference about the lawsuit that is now active in the in the U.S. District Court for the District of Massachusetts.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation Inc (NSSF) released a statement denying the ridiculous and politically-motivated claims by the foreigners.

“The Mexican government is responsible for the rampant crime and corruption within their own borders,” Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF’s senior vice president, said in a statement.

Mexico’s efforts follow recent attacks on the firearms industry, which have been blamed for mass shootings as a way to attack the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution. This includes a lawsuit against Remington over the Sandy Hook school shooting in 2012. Leftists are smelling blood in the water as a result of these efforts gaining traction.

“There are efforts that seem to be making some headway to make the gun industry and manufacturers in particular divulge records about how they think about marketing, distribution and sale practices,” said Timothy Lytton, a professor at the Georgia State University College of Law.

It should be expected that the Biden regime will cheer on this foreign attack against the Bill of Rights considering they have worked diligently to attack the 2nd Amendment, as Big League Politics has reported:

President Joe Biden is eyeing gun bans on two categories of firearms through executive order, with wide-ranging gun bans extremely unlikely to attain 60 votes in the split US Senate.

Biden is eyeing bans on the importations of some kinds of guns, and 3D printed firearms. Press Secretary Jen Psaki revealed earlier this week that executive orders to ban importations and 3D printing without federal firearms regulations. The executive orders are currently in a review process to avert legal challenges from gun rights supporters.

Guns manufactured through 3D printing don’t meet the ATF’s legal definition of a firearm, forming a source of consternation for Democrats  and allowing a small community of 2A enthusiasts to avoid governmental processes and legally create firearms.

“We’re looking at what kind of authority I have relative to imported weapons – as well as whether or not I have the authority,” Biden told reporters upon arriving for a weekend getaway in Delaware.

It’s likely an executive order targeting imported guns would be restricted to so-called ‘assault weapons.’ Several companies import AK-47, AR-15 and G3 rifle variants into the United States, almost always sporterized to semi-automatic capacity only.“

Enemies of the 2nd Amendment are emboldened, and patriots with their stockpiles of arms have to be realizing that political solutions are running thin with tyranny so aggressively on the march.

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