Michael Avenatti Arrested AGAIN At California Bar Hearing

Showboat attorney and former cable news mainstay Michael Avenatti was arrested once again at a meeting of the California Bar Association on Tuesday.

Avenatti had been attending a disciplinary hearing at the bar, facing charges of defrauding a former client that could cost him his ability to actively practice as a lawyer in California.

But it seems the bar association is the least of his problems. The former liberal hot shot was arrested on the basis of violating the terms of his pretrial conditions. Avenatti is already facing criminal charges for accusations of frauding clients, including an attempt to extort sporting company Nike.

Photos emerged Tuesday of Avenatti being escorted away in an elevator by federal agents. He told onlookers as he was led out from the Los Angeles courthouse that he was “totally innocent.”

It’s unclear how Avenatti violated the terms of his pretrial release, but United States Attorney Geoffrey Berman confirmed that as the cause of his arrest in a document filed with the federal court system.

Being arrested while fighting disbarment proceedings is a considerable fall from fame for the bellicose Democrat “street fighter,” who was promoted as a possible Presidential candidate by leading liberal pundits as late as 2018. Avenatti explored a potential candidacy, only to back down when his recent string of legal struggles began.

The hotshot bigmouth could be facing penalties up to life in prison for his attempted extortion of Nike, although it’s likely he’ll get off his a slap on the wrist.

One of Avenatti’s most bitter rivals, Donald Trump Jr, had a laugh at his former nemesis’ expense when it was revealed the showboat was arrested yet again.

It appears likely that the Democratic hotshot of yesterday will spend the election he planned on being a candidate in behind bars.

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