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Michelle Malkin Blasts Republican Immigration Schemes As GOP Gets Thumped in Virginia Election



Democrats resoundingly took the Virginia House and Senate on November 5, 2019.

This marked the first Democratic trifecta in Virginia since 1993. 

Such results provoked a series of responses from conservative commentators like Michelle Malkin.

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On Twitter, she commentedMass illegal alien amnesty + expansive guest worker pipelines + 1 mil green cards annually + unassimilated refugee deluge=electoral disaster & demographic conquest, which Talking Points GOP doesn’t want young nationalists on campus to discuss. #Invasion #SoldOut #OpenBordersInc


She followed up by saying “It’s MATH. #OpenBordersInc

Malkin may have a point.

Although Hispanics constitute 8 percent of Virginia’s population, any kind of increase in the Hispanic voter base will tend to benefit Democrats. This was on display in 2018, when 90 percent of districts with foreign populations above the national average went Democratic.

Mass migration poses legitimate public safety and economic issues.

However, one of the biggest threats dealing with mass migration is its electoral impact, which puts the Republican Party in jeopardy in many Sun Belt states like Arizona, Florida, Georgia, and Texas.

For that reason, the GOP will have to focus on immigration restrictionist policies that end birthright citizenship and chain migration, make pathways to citizenship tighter, and emphasize attracting skilled labor.


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White Pill: Montana House Moves Constitutional Carry Bill Forward

Constitutional Carry is one ray of hope for the Right.



On January 20, 2021, the Montana House of Representatives passed Constitutional Carry legislation, HB102.

Dean Weingarten of reported that the bill passed by a 66 to 31 margin.

Weingarten provided some context to the significance of this bill’s progress:

The bill is the accumulation of a decade and a half of struggle against Democrat Governors, who have repeatedly vetoed reform legislation passed with large majorities in the legislature. Numerous sections in the bill show the Montana legislature has learned the lesson from other states as they restore the right to keep and bear arms.

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Montana’s Senate is made up of 31 Republicans and 19 Democrats and Governor Greg Gianforte is a Republican, so the passage of this bill augurs well.  If passed, HB102 would make Montana the 17th Constitutional Carry state.

Montana is already a very gun-friendly state, and represents a low-hanging fruit for Second Amendment activists to tap into.

Constitutional Carry has been one of the most successful movements on the Right over the past twenty years. It’s easy to complain about the corrupt status quo, but there are still plenty of ways right-wingers can score victories. Constitutional Carry is one of them.

It would behoove the Right to analyze existing trends and build off movements that are already producing results. There’s no need to embark on quixotic campaigns that end up being total fools’ errands. Find what’s already working and run with it.

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