Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Calls For Democratic Governor, Minneapolis Mayor to Resign

The Chairwoman of the Minnesota Republican Party issued a statement calling for the resignation of Democratic Governor Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey on Saturday morning. The two elected officials have overseen a weak response to the most severe riots in the state’s history, with the governor himself admitting that the response to the riots had been an “abject failure.

Jennifer Carnahan’s statement called out the weak leadership of the Democratic officials, who have steadfastly proved unable to coordinate a law enforcement response that would deter further violence and destruction of private property.

For four straight nights we have helplessly watched our neighborhood businesses be looted and destroyed, we’ve watched as violent protesters have rioted in our streets and forced public transport and major thoroughfares to shut down, and we have watched our city burn to the ground,” said the GOP chairwoman.

Governor Walz and Mayor Frey have been largely silent, other than a handful of unhelpful tweets and press conferences blaming everyone, but themselves. Minneapolis is decimated. Minneapolis is damaged to a level we never could have imagined. The destruction caused this past week will unfortunately live in our memories forever. It’s a dark stain on our state.

“These gentleman have demonstrated they are not equipped to run Minneapolis or Minnesota. Their inaction has led to riots across our country. Our state can not move forward or start to heal with either in office. We call for the resignation of both, so no additional harm and damage comes to our people and state.”

Rioters have continued to congregate in what may be formations of thousands, destroying entire police precincts, affordable housing units, small businesses, and other buildings in downtown Minneapolis. Despite a nominal pretense of protesting in the name of George Floyd, a Minneapolis man who died after a highly questionable arrest in which a Minneapolis Police Officer knelt on his neck for more than eight minutes, the looters have been filmed engaging in wanton threats, pillaging liquor stores, shoe stores and ATM’s in what is little more than theft.