Mitt Romney Now Viewed More Favorably By Democrats Than By Republicans

Utah Senator and failed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is now viewed more favorably by Democrats than by Republicans, according to tracking from Gallup.

The Gallup polling shows Romney with an utterly dismal approval rating within his own party of 23%.

Romney’s credibility within the Republican Party began to tank in 2016, when the failed 2012 Republican nominee for President began waging a vendetta against then-candidate Donald Trump. He hasn’t made matters much better for himself since then, continuing to signal his moral superiority against Trump’s supposed character deficiencies, all the while winning an election in Utah for Orrin Hatch’s old Senate seat.

Romney placed himself beyond the point of no return when he became the only Republican Senator to vote for a Democratic impeachment effort.

The former Massachusetts Governor may even have sunk his reputation in his own state. Utah polling shows that Romney is by far the most unpopular Republican Senator in the country in his own state, with barely over half of Utah Republicans approving of his job performance before his widely rebuked vote to convict President Trump on sham impeachment charges.

Romney barely avoided a formal censure by Utah Republicans in the wake of his defection, with party activists instead narrowly approving a measure expressing support the President after the failed Democrat impeachment.

Populist conservatives should be relentless in exposing Romney for the charlatan that he is. His supposedly impressive business career primarily involved outsourcing middle-class American jobs overseas to cheap-labor job markets such as China and India, in order to fuel greater profits for company executives and shareholders.

He represents an utterly feckless brand of establishment conservatism that wholly discounts the political interests of middle and working class Americans. A school of thought that was roundly rejected by the Republican voter in the 2016 primary, although Romney himself would prefer to conveniently frame it around his supposedly immaculate character.

When he takes his rightful place in the Democratic Party, Republicans will be relieved of a sneak in their midst.

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