Mitt Romney Targets Viktor Orbán, Tucker Carlson in Neocon Political Attack

Utah Senator Mitt Romney took aim at Fox host and political commentator Tucker Carlson and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a speech at Brigham Young University on Saturday, expressing displeasure that the American Right increasingly looks towards the latter as an inspiration on political policy rather than the liberal internationalists of the 2000’s era Republican Party.

Romney repeated a liberal-globalist line accusing Hungary of a lack of media freedom and concentration of wealth. In reality, independent analysis has indicated Hungary has far more media freedom than the United States, a nation in which almost the entirety of mainstream media with the exception of Fox News is owned by a handful of left-wing billionaires.

Romney took offense with Tucker’s speech in Hungary last month, in which the Fox host pointed to Hungary’s model of governance as an alternative to increasingly ineffective liberal ideas that have failed to provide an improving quality of life to citizens of western countries.

Romney, who falsely claimed that Orbán “censors the media” in Hungary, has never so much as even mentioned the mass-scale political censorship enacted by Big Tech monopolies upon American citizens, content to accept censorship of those who criticize the corrupt American political establishment.

In utterly laughable fashion, Romney accused PM Orbán of “ignoring the will of the people in elections,” disregarding the Fidesz leader’s electoral history of winning large parliamentary majorities, most recently in Hungary’s 2010, 2014 and 2018 national elections.

Romney has lost every single time he’s run a national political campaign. If anything, it’s the Senator of a small state- who arguably has become the most unpopular member of the US Senate– who ignores the will of his own voters in elections.

As a young man, Romney spent his business career profiting to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars through the outsourcing of American middle-class jobs to China, with the supposed business savvy Romney touted during his failed 2012 presidential campaign amounting to little more than unpatriotic economic parasitism.

At the same age, Orbán was leading a political movement against the Soviet puppet regime governing Hungary, at times facing arrest and imprisonment for patriotic action. It’s hard to imagine actions that would more clearly contrast the character of the two men, but Romney’s attack isn’t fooling anyone.

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