Mitt Romney To Trump: I’m Fighting To Stop Your Agenda

U.S. Senate candidate, and former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney has pledged to oppose President Trump if he is elected. This comes after President Trump gave Romney his endorsement, something that many of his supporters were unsure of.

In an op-ed penned for the The Salt Lake Tribune, Romney found his inner liberal, and trashed President Trump while putting himself on a pedestal as an independent voice. Romney stated his opposition to Trump’s decision to leave the globalist transpacific partnership, as well as the President’s “fair trade” belief in tariffs on countries that are ripping off America.

Romney even expended an entire paragraph to virtue signal and race-bait, stating that he will oppose Trump every time he “does something which is divisive, racist, sexist, anti-immigrant, dishonest or destructive to democratic institutions.” The entire paragraph sounded like something you would find on Bernie Sander’s political literature, not in an op-ed penned by a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate.

This condemnation of Trump comes just months after Romney accepted Donald Trump’s endorsement graciously. Romney’s acceptance, and graciousness over Trump’s endorsment was almost certainly all politically motivated. At the time, Romney had just announced, but now Romney gaining the Republican nomination is almost certain. In his primary election, which is held tomorrow, Romney currently has over a 40 point advantage in recent polls conducted.

There is little chance that Romney was actually genuine when he thanked Trump. He refused to even mention the president’s name.

Mitt Romney was one of the loudest anti-Trump voices during the 2016 election, calling the then-Presidential candidate a “phony” and a “fraud,” among other things. Romney even went so far as to allude toward Trump being racist in a Tweet where he said he would not have accepted his endorsement in 2012, when he ran for President, had Trump said similar things as he did on the campaign trail.

It shouldn’t be surprising to anybody that Romney is acting like a whiny liberal in his opposition to Trump. As Governor of Massachusetts, despite being a Republican, Romney governed like a Democrat. He was pro-choice, pro-gun control, and pro-socialized medicine among other things. So if you look at records, and how much Romney has flipped, one could say that he is the “phony,” and “fraud.”

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