MUELLER ADMITS: Russian Hacking Started In 2010 Under Obama

Robert Mueller admits in his latest indictment that Russians began hacking the U.S. government during the Obama administration.

The Obama administration did nothing to protect our sensitive information as Russian code was secretly implanted into FBI surveillance programs and sensitive servers sharing classified information were routinely hacked — including Obama’s trove of facial-recognition and fingerprint info on private American citizens.

Here’s what it says on page 4 of Mueller’s indictment against the 12 Russians who will likely never actually face justice in this farce:

Watch This Episode of Howley Reports On the “Russia” Sham:

Big League Politics reported:

The Democratic National Committee turned down the FBI’s offer to secure their email and computer servers after the alleged Russian hack of DNC servers during the 2016 election.

Mueller’s indictment of twelve unknown Russian tech figures and their associates makes it clear that the Russians continued hacking the DNC servers until October 2016.

James Comey testified in January 2017 that the FBI offered to help the Democratic National Committee by inspecting its servers. But the Democratic National Committee refused. Instead, the DNC used a private contractor (identified in the Mueller indictment as “Company 1”) to manage server security.

Mueller admits that the DNC kept getting hacked until October 2016.


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