NBA, MLB Ratings Tank as Americans Tune Out of Social Justice Onslaught

Major leagues such as the National Basketball Association and Major League Baseball have struggled to attract their traditional audiences since beginning their seasons, with many speculating that an onslaught of social justice leftism presented to viewers has turned off sports fans from following.

Most NBA players have continued the ritual of kneeling for the National Anthem, raising questions as to why it’s even played before games when most in the arenas clearly don’t identify with it.

Even Major League Baseball, which leftists have been keen to castigate for insufficient allegiance to racial justice orthodoxy, bowed before the expectations of elite cultural liberals for American public life. The entire rosters of the Washington Nationals and New York Yankees kneeled before the anthem on opening day, a surprise to some, considering the playing of anthems before the game began as a tradition of baseball.

Many had assumed the viewing audiences of the major sports would swell in size, considering many Americans have little to no options for entertainment outside of a television or computer screen as the coronavirus pandemic continues. However, fans appear to be tuning out.

The Athletic sportswriter Ethan Strauss confirmed that both MLB and NBA ratings have been wholly disappointing since the sports leagues resumed play.

The ratings dip didn’t seem to apply to sporting events less associated with racial justice, with Strauss observing that a golf event featuring conservative quarterback Tom Brady was highly watched.

It seems the multimillionaire professional athletes of these ball games failed to realize that the everyday American would simply tune out of a contrived lecture in which some of the most privileged people on the face of the Earth lecture them on their supposed “privilege.”

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