Neocon Lincoln Project Co-Founder Registered as a Foreign Agent of Russia

Longtime neoconservative campaign operative and ‘Lincoln Project’ co-founder John Weaver was registered with the U.S. government as a foreign agent of the Russian Federation as recently as last year.

Weaver’s dubious allegiance to the United States has been questioned in light of his FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) documents filed with the Department of Justice last year. The neocon operative, who is known for managing the failed presidential campaigns of liberal Republicans John McCain and John Kasich, had signed up to lobby for the interests of a Russian state-owned nuclear energy company.

View Weaver’s FARA registration documents here.

The Lincoln Project continues to fleece gullible Democrats with manufactured anti-Trump commercials and ads, devoting the lion’s share of its budget to enriching connected campaign consultants such as Weaver instead of spending resources on voter contact.

Weaver had agreed to lobby in Congress against the implementation of any new sanctions on the Russian Federation in return for $350,000 from the state-owned company in 2019. He later resigned the lobbying gig after intense condemnation for his hypocrisy.

Weaver has continued to peddle hysterical Russia conspiracies alleging a grand plot between President Donald Trump and Russia, noting little to no irony in making such a claim while openly working for the interests of the Russian government.

Another neocon grifter and Lincoln Project founder, MSNBC Republican Rick Wilson, was recently put on blast for his prolific hypocrisy and scurrilous personal track record.

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