Nevada Governor Uses Coronavirus Emergency to Illegally Stop Residents From Buying Guns

Nevada Democrat Governor Steve Sisolak is using the Chinese coronavirus pandemic as an excuse to usurp the unlawful power to stop the sale of firearms.

Sisolak has been unsuccessful in being able to shut down gun shops, which are considered an essential business due to a law passed in 2007 after Hurricane Katrina, so he is attempting to enact gun control through bureaucratic fiat.

Sisolak has effectively crippled gun ownership in Nevada by denying the State Point of Contact to conduct background checks on behalf of Federal Firearms Licensees (FFL) gun stores. This means that only concealed permit holders can buy new weapons under the new orders, which only consists of four percent of Nevadans.

He has also banned the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department from giving out new concealed permit licenses to Nevadans, creating another impediment to stop gun ownership during the crisis. A public information officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police has confirmed that “they are acting under orders of the Office of the Governor of Nevada.” Although he cannot legally shut them down, Sisolak is also pressuring gun stores to close by classifying them as “non-essential” hobby shops.

Sisolak’s edicts violate NRS 414.155, The Constitution of the State of Nevada, Article 1, § 11(1) as well as the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The specific portion of the state constitution that Sisolak is violating with his orders reads as follows:

Pursuant to Amendment II of the Constitution of the United States and Section 11 of Article 1 of the Constitution of the State of Nevada, and notwithstanding any other provision of law, the emergency powers conferred upon the Governor and upon the executive heads or governing bodies of the political subdivisions of this State must not be construed to allow:
1. The confiscation of a firearm from a person unless the person is:
(a) In unlawful possession of the firearm; or
(b) Unlawfully carrying the firearm; or
2. The imposition of additional restrictions as to the lawful possession, transfer, sale, carrying, storage, display or use of:
(a) Firearms;
(b) Ammunition; or
(c) Components of firearms or ammunition.

Assemblyman Jim Marchant, who is running to be the Republican Congressional nominee for District 4 of Nevada, believes that Sisolak must abdicate public office for his intolerable acts.

“I understand that the government must take steps to protect the public when there is a national pandemic, but the law and our constitutional rights are clear,” said Marchant.

“Governor Sisolak has shown he is either incompetent or corrupt. He has violated his oath of office and must resign,” he added.

Sisolak announced his emergency measures during a press conference on Sunday, touting relief for renters as a way to sell his unconstitutional power grab.

“This directive is intended to keep people in their homes at a time where we’re encouraging all Nevadans to stay home, to stay home for Nevada,” Sisolak said.

Sisolak has also made it more difficult for coronavirus patients to access medicines that could potentially save their lives. He has arguably been the Democrat governor guilty of mismanaging the coronavirus crisis the worst at the state level.

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