Nevada Lawmakers Continue Dismantling Second Amendment

Nevada lawmakers want to shove more gun control down law-abiding Nevadans throats.

LasVegasNow reports that the first hearing for Assembly Bill 291, Nevada’s bump stock ban bill, was held.

AB 291 is being marketed as the “1 October Bill” in commemoration of the 2017 Las Vegas shooting, which subsequently catalyzed a massive wave of gun control throughout 2018.

When it was discovered that the perpetrator Stephen Paddock used bump stocks to carry out the massacre, lawmakers nationwide threw a fit. They argued that bump stocks make semi-automatic guns fire like automatic weapons.

Despite congressmen like Thomas Massie arguing that bump stocks are not as effective as the media and political fear-mongerers would like people to believe, gun controllers insist on banning these accessories.

This bill was introduced by assemblywoman Sandra Jauregui who survived  the October 1 massacre.

Anti-gun group Moms Demand Action endorses this legislation.

Moms Demand Action activist Kristee Watson said, “AB 291 makes sense to me because it will actually save lives and prevent trauma and that is the goal of our organization.”

Julie Hereford, a member of the non-profit Nevadans Can, opposes this bill.

She said, “The bill really doesn’t cure the problem that these mentally disturbed people are killing people” and also infringes on the rights of law-abiding Nevadans.

With a Democratic trifecta in the Nevada State Legislature, it’s very likely that AB 291 will pass.

Nevada is one of the few states that witnessed a blue wave on the gun control issue during the 2018 elections.

Bump stocks have faced pushback from gun owners though.

BLP recently reported on gun store owner Michael Cargill filing a lawsuit against the ATF for the federal government’s latest bump stock ban.

Accessories like bump stocks will continue to be a rallying point for the anti-gun Left, which is now calling for universal gun registration and so-called “assault weapons” bans.

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