Never Trumper and ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Proponent David French is OUT at National Review

Columnist David French, best known as a Never Trumper and huge proponent of ‘Drag Queen Story Hour,’ announced his departure from the National Review today.

French will now write for The Dispatch, a spin-off media project from former National Review editor Jonah Goldberg and former Weekly Standard editor-in-chief Steve Hayes. This is the latest project from neoconservative Never Trumpers hoping to remain relevant despite their immense unpopularity on the Right.

“We are launching The Dispatch to provide engaged citizens with a community for thoughtful, fact-based reporting and commentary on politics, policy and culture,” Hayes announced about his new project.

They will inherit French’s commentary in favor of Drag Queen Story Hour. French, a so-called Christian conservative, has launched a spirited defense of the child-grooming project in recent months.

He even had the nerve to call the perverse LGBT movement a “blessing of liberty” recently:

Long-time National Review columnist David French has been one of the most vicious and dishonest Never Trumpers for many years, but he has hit a new low with an endorsement of drag queen story hour.

In a profile published in the New Yorker about the future of conservatism, French gave a full-throated endorsement for the grooming operation that has given pedophiles and other cross-dressing perverts intimate access to young children across the country.

“There’s this idea that victory is the natural state of affairs and defeat is the intolerable intrusion,” French said, demonstrating the mindset that has caused mainstream conservatism to conserve nothing throughout the decades.

“What I’ve been trying to tell people is that none of this stuff is fixed. There is not necessarily an arc to history, and you don’t have to surrender first principles to fight over stuff that you care about. The day is not lost in any way, shape, or form. And, oh, by the way, you can’t define victory as the exclusion of your enemies from the public square,” French added.

This is when French went completely off the deep end, making statements that are an affront to every principle that the founding-era revolutionaries put their lives on the line to protect.

“There are going to be Drag Queen Story Hours. They’re going to happen. And, by the way, the fact that a person can get a room in a library and hold a Drag Queen Story Hour and get people to come? That’s one of the blessings of liberty,” French said.

In addition to his tacit approval of pederasty, French has been a leading Never Trumper since 2015 who now openly supports the drive for the Democratic Party to impeach the President.

French’s loss for the National Review will be addition by subtraction for the beleaguered publication that has rapidly waned in relevance in the digital age.