NeverTrump Rick Wilson Ready To Go Back To War Against Trump, Moore In Alabama.

Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Judge Roy Moore speaks during a campaign event in Fairhope, Alabama, U.S., December 5, 2017. REUTERS/Jonathan Bachma – RC1D3B1EB3D0

The eminently outspoken, self-described “conservative” pundit Rick Wilson — who fought against both the elections of Donald J. Trump and former Judge Roy Moore — is reportedly again  “ready” to do battle with the two iconic Republicans, according to reports.

So, who is Rick Wilson? For starters, he’s the author of the no. 1 New York Times bestseller, “Everything Trump Touches Dies: A Republican Strategist Gets Real About the Worst President Ever,” a book that mercilessly bashes Trumpism and today’s GOP.

His stated rationale for the book is perhaps summed up in his remark that, “Donald Trump could kill and eat a small child on the White House lawn and he would not be impeached by this Congress.”

While clearly hyperbolic and imbued with a heavy dose of predisposed opinions, Wilson makes no attempt to conceal his bent or disguise it as “news,” a fact which differs from the outlets that seek to legitimize his ad hominem attacks — like the Washington Post (thoroughly discredited by Big League for its role in the Fusion GPS affair.)

To wit, Wilson is one of the only “conservatives” that the Washington Post likes; anyone reading WaPo’s musings on Rick Wilson may very well conclude the publication is going for an ironic “misnomer.”

Not according to Wilson himself, who proudly admits “batting for the other team” in the last election cycle, citing not anything substantive or particular about his sudden case of unfounded “righteous indignation,” but only remarking that “it was so bad,” he had to switch teams. “It leads you down to places like Roy Moore, an ethical hole you can’t get out of,” the Washington Post’s favorite “conservative” said, in his signature baseless, berating fashion.

Wilson’s tweets are borderline libelous. In one particularly vile missive, he says, “Trump is not a child molester like Roy Moore, but he’s unacceptable as a Republican” in a recent tweet.

Carrying water for the far-left is a frequent theme with Wilson’s inch-deep “conservatism,” and all that’s needed to get him throwing around slurs is for a Republican (i.e., “conservative”) to be accused — by their ideological opponents (ever heard of character assassination?) — and hesh off to the races with Soros-funded conspiracies.
Here’s what he said in another recent tweet of former White House advisor Steve Bannon, until recently, also the man running Breitbart (hat-tip):
“If you’re wondering if Steve Bannon is an amoral, pedophilia-tolerant cancer in our body politic of the highest order, wonder no more.”
When Wilson “switched teams,” he did so in an effort to block Moore’s bid for senator, helping finance and push a $500,000 ad campaign against the popularly nicknamed “Ten Commandments judge.”
The ad then plugged CIA-backed Evan McMullins, while trashing Moore; and this was well before hearings or even discovery took place on Moore’s alleged misconduct (all proven to be lies.)

“What if she was your little girl?” asks the narrator. “Your daughter? Your sister? What if she was 16 years old, or 15, or 14?”

McMullin approved the ad alongside 2016 running mate and Stand Up Republic co-founder Mindy Finn.

“Stand Up Republic believes that the character of our elected leaders has great influence over the character of our nation,” said McMullin.

“We must oppose candidates that fail even the most basic ethical standards and reject the idea that temporary political advantage justifies abandoning our values. Roy Moore is unworthy of a seat in the U.S. Senate,” a statement now easily shown to be totaly incredulous, specious, defamatory and legally problematic for McMullins.

Embarassing though Wilson and others would normally be, the “conservative” switch-hitter says he’s back for more Moore-bashing; only, this time the already well-loved Alabama household name is very popular with women, according to a new survey of likely voters who are also females.

In a “Mason-Dixon” poll conducted by The Mason-Dixon Polling & Strategy Company,  surveyed 400 registered Alabama voters who identify as Republican women, showing Moore with 27 percent support, followed by U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks, R-Huntsville, at 18 percent. That’s a signficant gap between the frontrunner and the candidate likely to occupy second place. 

Wilson may need to do more than shout “Pedophile!” to satisfy his bi-partisan curiosity in a future 2020 Alabama Senate contest, if the latest survey is any indicator.

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