New Lawsuit from Covington Catholic Students Levels Defamation Case Against Hoax Hatemongers

Weeks after their classmate Nicholas Sandmann achieved victory in a lawsuit against CNN for the network’s role in broadcasting a defamatory narrative against him, a group of Covington Catholic students are launching new lawsuits against a list of media liberals who dishonestly attacked the students over the infamous incident at the Lincoln Memorial in 2019.

Twelve students of the Kentucky school are filing a collective lawsuit against a list of prominent media liberals who jumped on a bandwagon to defame them in January 2019. Some well-known blue checkmark media personalities are being sued, such as:

-Shaun King

-Kevin Kruse

-Reza Aslan(who despicably threatened Sandmann with violence after the incident)

-Maggie Haberman

-Ana Navarro

-Matthew Dowd

Judging from Sandmann’s handsome settlement with CNN, the group of Covington Catholic students may have a good chance of securing a favorable judgement in their lawsuit. The case was filed in the Kenton County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

In the court filing, the students state they were subjected to “public denunciations, calls for public harassment and public demands of school expulsion.” It appears as if at least some of the students were accompanying Sandmann when he engaged in an infamous confrontation with Nathan Philips, who approached the group and loudly utilized a drum as Sandmann stood cooly and calmly by.

One year removed from the hoax, the narrative orchestrated by the mainstream media appears to be thoroughly debunked, judging from the success of Sandmann’s lawsuit. One can only hope that the unfortunate incident serves as a warning to those who wish to organize lightning-speed outrage mobs on false pretenses.

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