NEW: Leftist Rioter Opens Fire on Another Highway Roadblocker in Attempt to Shoot Motorist

A Black Lives Matter rioter shot at least one other rioter on a highway in Aurora, Colorado on Highway I-225 Saturday night.

It appears that the rioter was attempting to shoot a motorist who refused to stop for a formation of rioters blocking the highway, in a story that has played out numerous times since the beginning of the nationwide riots.

The Aurora Police reported that a shot was fired off by a “protestor.” Original reports had falsely stated that a highway drive-by shooter was firing at the Black Lives Matter roadblockers on the highway.

Other reports from the scene indicate that the vehicle in question sustained multiple gunshots from rioters, making it very possible that the motorist feared for his life in driving away from the unruly crowd of trespassing roadblockers.

The story of violence occurring during attempts by Black Lives Matter rioters to block public roads and freeways has occurred in numerous instances over the past few months. A lawyer in Colorado shot a disabled veteran in the head when he nudged through a line of protestors. A Utah man engaged in the exact same activity at a Provo protest, making it clear that BLM roadblock operations are a serious danger to the public. Both men have since been charged with attempted murder.

This story is developing, and Big League Politics continues to monitor the situation.

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