New Texas GOP Chair Allen West Joins Protest Against Gov. Greg Abbott’s COVID-19 Lockdown Tyranny

New Texas Republican Party Chair Allen West participated in a “Free Texas” rally this weekend to protest the Draconian measures taken by Governor Greg Abbott to supposedly combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

West, who was elected party chair in July, attended the rally on Saturday with Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller and other Republican elected officials. Freedom activists convened outside of the Governor’s Mansion, and West and Miller were among the most vocal individuals slamming Abbott for folding to virus hysteria.

“Quite frankly, governor, your cure is worse than the disease,” Miller said.

West endorsed a resolution that passed the State Republican Executive Committee last month demanding for Texas to be re-opened immediately. He read the text of the resolution at the rally. The resolution issues a simple demand for Gov. Abbott: “No Exceptions, No Delays….Open Texas NOW.”

“We call upon the governor to do what is right by the people of the great state of Texas so that Texas can continue to be a leader,” West added. “And if the governor did not get this resolution, I’m gonna leave it right here, at the gates of the Governor’s Mansion.”

Big League Politics has reported on Abbott’s shameful capitulating to the Left throughout the pandemic, which has even included a demand for people to wear masks in their own backyards:

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, once seen as a leader for freedom and liberty within the Republican Party, is showing his true colors by caving to COVID-19 mass hysteria.

Abbott demanded last week for Texas residents to wear masks at all times, even if they are in their own backyards, to stop the spread of COVID-19.

“People have had an altered state of life for the past few months—one that requires wearing a mask, one that requires staying at home if at all possible, one that reduces your level of interactivity with others. And that’s a challenge,” said Abbott.

“If people do not continue in a very disciplined way to maintain the highest level of standards, what you will see is an acceleration of the expansion of COVID-19,” he added.

Abbott is echoing the words of far-left Democrat state leaders who have used the hysteria to transform society. Abbott is marching in lockstep with the agenda instead of speaking out about the fraud.

“Sometimes it’s just gatherings of family members, sometimes it’s gatherings of friends,” said Abbott. “Sometimes it’s in a backyard, sometimes it’s at some other type of social event.”

“People need to understand that until we have better medications that can treat COVID-19, until we have the vaccines that will end COVID-19, people must maintain vigilance, even when just gathering with family members, to make sure you do continue to wear masks,” he added.

This is not the first time that Abbott has sold out his constituents with regards to the COVID-19 pandemic. He began embracing the alarmism last month, lacking the courage of his convictions to stand for freedom at a time it was needed the most. He issued a mask order that month and attempted to dupe Texans into believing it was binding law when it was not.

“Governor Greg Abbott today issued an Executive Order requiring all Texans to wear a face covering over the nose and mouth in public spaces in counties with 20 or more positive COVID-19 cases, with few exceptions,” the order read.

West has shown that he will not hesitate to use his authority as state party chair to call out RINOs in his midst. The Texas Republican Party will be in good hands under his stewardship.

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