New USSOCOM Diversity and Inclusion Chief Compared Trump to Hitler, Shared Anti-White Memes on Facebook

U.S. Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) has announced the hire of Richard Torres-Estrada as their Chief of Diversity & Inclusion.

“We look forward to his contribution in enhancing the capabilities and effectiveness of [special forces] through diversity of talent, helping us recruit the best of the best,” USSOCOM wrote in their announcement.

Torres-Estrada has a history of posting far-left partisan propaganda on his social media accounts. He has posted images comparing former president Donald Trump to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler as well as anti-white memes that seem to demonize law enforcement.

Social media personality Mike Cernovich posted an alert on Twitter warning the masses of Torres-Estrada’s extreme beliefs:

Under the tyranny of President-imposed Joe Biden, the military has been humiliated frequently and used for political stunts against conservatives. The result could be disastrous to national security. 

Big League Politics has reported on Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) calling out the Democrats for their abuse of power in setting up their Soviet-style purge of the military:

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) called out the Biden regime and the military-industrial complex for their use of “cancel culture” in purging all conservative patriots from the military on Wednesday.

Gaetz appeared via Zoom before the House Committee on Armed Services, which was holding a hearing on alleged extremism in the military. He pulled no punches while blasting the dog-and-pony-show hearings as “total nonsense.”

“Today, the Chinese communist party is building aircraft carriers and jets that every member of this committee knows threaten to close or eliminate the capability gap. North Korea is perfecting the ability to strike the United States with nuclear weapons. Cartels are hunting the next trafficking routes, and here we are,” Gaetz said.

“Today, the House Armed Services Committee is engaged in a review of constitutionally-protected expression from our troops. How utterly weak of us. No wonder the Chinese communist party continues to gain ground,” he added.

Gaetz noted that the purpose of the hearing is “to gaslight the targeting of U.S. military patriots who do not share preapproved politics.”

“This is not about extremism. It’s not about white supremacy. It’s about woke supremacy. It’s about converting the military…into an institution controlled by the political left. Today, instead of working together, we are gathered having a hearing designed to tear us apart, to try and get us to view our fellow countrymen and women who protect us as somehow evil or dangerous or a cancer to be exercised,” Gaetz said.

“U.S. Military is the most diverse organization in our entire country. Men and women, Christians and Jews, Hindus, Muslims, queer and straight, every last one of them, patriots with a common purpose to protect and defend the United States of America,” he added.

The country may not survive Biden’s coordinated push to denigrate patriots in the military.

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